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Weekly Roundup

Thursday 04th, June




Weekly roundup Monday 1st June 2020.

It was a beautiful weekend and it seems set to continue for a while. Make sure to keep hydrated out there.  Tomorrow the handicaps and line up for the final of the DBRC virtual will be announced, one more sleep, if you still want in, let me know!
The only confirmed race we know of to date, is The Run From The Crum on October 3rd. It's a tough 24 hour dash to get as far away from Belfast's Crumlin Jail as possible in 24 hours.  
We will watch for other events and post accordingly.
The East Of Ireland Virtual and Donadea Virtual series both continued. 100k or a mini untra 28 miles for Donadea and 10k or 12k for EOI.
There were most excellent performances for DBRC with Male and Female winners in the 10k but overall really good times.
If ever you were going to try to big distances, the Donadea Series is a great opportunity. The distance may seem daunting but can be done in one day or over a few days and it literally starts and ends on your door step! 
Listed below are the stats, be proud all. 
It is great to see groups meeting up and getting out. Remember, for the moment it's a case of minding the rules, keep your distance, wash your hands and throw on the sun cream especially given the weather.
Keep safe everyone and be BLUE in the best possible way.
#whateveryoudodoitinblue  #mewe    
East Of Ireland 10 km (Virtual)
Winners George Brady and Aoife Scott.
39-24 George Brady  (1st)
41-39 Karl Bingham  (4th)
47-33 Aoife Scott (1st lady)
49-30 Tom Cassidy
50-01 Gary Reinhardt
50-38 Suzanne Colgan (4th lady)
52-51 Jennifer Sharkey
55-41 Martina Coffey
56-25 Roan Misteil
57-52 Ann Mc Donnell
63-26 Siobhan Mulvey
East of Ireland 12 km (Virtual)
59-21 Mark Conlon
67.00 Eva Tomonyiczka
70-00 Caroline Hynes
70-33 Gayle Patton
Donadea Series.
Rolando Espina - Anto Sheridan - Louse Heraghty- Anne Jennings- Tom Reynolds
Mini Ultra.
Rolando Espina - Anne Jennings- Ann Marie Daly.
Image may contain: 9 people, including Lou Lovesrunning, Ann McDonnell, Anthony Sheridan, Niamh McGoldrick and Siobhán Mulvey, outdoor    
Image may contain: 5 people, including Tom Reynolds, Eva Tomonyiczka and Mike Gonda, sunglasses, outdoor and close-up    



Weekly roundup Monday 25th May 2020.

First week of virtual freedom nearly over but the weekend still to come! It's great to see so many out and about and clocking up impressive runs and times.
Remember to stay inside the current guidelines, represent yourself and your club well, and please be safe, all of you!
Congrats to this weeks Donadea crew, 55km was the target, very nice, listed under DBRC were...
Caroline Hynes,  Sharon Wilders,  Anthony Sheridan,   Rolando Espina,  Tom Reynolds.
Special mention too for Rolando for completing a 100km run 
AND for Gary O'Daly on completing an IMVR8 event.
East of Ireland had their first virtual event of the lockdown, great racing all round but great results for DBRC
Overall winner and 1st place MIKE GONDA  39-14
Karl  Bingham  (5th)   43-00
Joe Cole    (8th)   44-54
CARMEL WARD (9th)  2nd Lady
Mark Conlon  50-22
Gary Reinhardt  50-31
Tom Cassidy  51-06
Gary O'Daly   51-46
Jennifer Sharkey  (8th lady)   53-04
Caroline Hynes   53-16
Eva Tomonyiczka   53-21
Gayle Patton  53-30
Siobhan Mulvey   61-07
Niamh McGoldrick  64-39
Sinead Morrisey  71-21
Well done all.
Did we mention last week Louise Heraghty completing the Belfast Marathon Virtual (3h56m56s)  Have now !  Well done!
Last open round of the DBRC Virtual series for the Covid Cup.
We are being slightly swamped with events at the moment, so to give as many members as possible a chance to participate, this week you can run any distance.  Send to me or post your best 3 miles of the run (any three) and we will use this.  The final race will be the handicap and we will use these results to finish off the handicaps. Usual way to report, post on the page, message me or WhatsApp.
Lets be having as many of you as possible!
Bon chance et petit filou.
If we missed you let us know!  We love to know what you are getting up to out there! 
 Be safe be awesome and whateveryoudodoitinblue  #mewe
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Weekly roundup Monday 18th May 2020.


Hi folks, the day has come, freedom to meet up in small groups, use it wisely and still play safe! 
The results of round 3 of the virtual are in and the handicaps are building nicely.  For the last race to work we need as many participants to have a track record so that it's an even playing field for the final. There will be one more open round before the final. Details later, the virtual races are coming thick and fast from all directions and we don't want to clash too much. (Our own EOI have a 10k this weekend; see page for details)
Here are the, and may I say rather impressive, times for this week. (2 miles)
11-32  Darrell Reamsbottom
12-08  Mark Hughes 
12-45  Frank Mc Morrow
12-55  Aoife Scott
13-56 Gregory O'Beirne
14-11   Joe Cole
14-53   Gayle Patton
15-05   Suzanne Colgan
15-25   Jen Sharkey
18-01   Charles O'Duffy
Many, many thanks to all who took part and well done.  Need everyone in for round 4 and the final!  I promise you a zuper and rewarding challenge!
Congrats to all who took part in the Donadea virtual 45k over the weekend.  Listed as DBRC we had these crazies ….

Stehen Mullen

Caroline Mc Cabe  

Sharon Wilders  

Antony Sheridan  

Ann Marie Daly  

Gary Seery  

Eva Tomonyiczka  

Gregory O’Beirne  

Tom Reynolds.


Congrats and well done also to Gary O'Daly on his virtual Iron Man VR7 and Karl Bingham continues his relentless charity work with some cracking virtual race times  (1/2 maro 1-40-37 and 10k 41-52).

Keep us posted about whatever you get up to !


Finally, stay safe everyone. Follow the A.I. protocols and if you need advice or guidance we will try to help.

DBRC will be back soon starting out in small groups. The 5k is quite restrictive but as things loosen up we can get back to bigger things. We will  advise soonest!



Stay in touch!  Keep posting! See you all soon!  And  remember, Whatever you do, do it in BLUE!


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Weekly roundup Monday 11th May 2020.


Yikes! It's Monday again!  The 2k limit is now a 5k limit and we can all move about a bit more. Enjoy, be responsible and stay safe! 

This week, it's 2 miles. You have from right now until 10pm Sunday night to give it your best shot. Send in your result, the results will be collated and the fiendishly clever handicap system applied, SO lets be having you. Send your times by pm to me, email (gpobeirne@gmail.com) or post on the page. Screenshot of your strava/garmin or pic of your watch, or your word with a seflie will suffice if none of the options suit, usual rules, flat elevation please :) There is also a Garmin connections link for DBRC.

The Donadea Virtual Series continues, this week, 50 miles! The task could be taken over 4 days and was a serious ask. Congrats to club members who took it on and came through smiling.
Tom Reynolds,  Anto Sheridan, Eva Tomonyiczka, Sharon Wilders, Greg O'Beirne and special mention for Mrs T again !
This weekend the distance is 45km 350 metres, over 4 days, fancy a challenge? See the Donadea site for details.
Zuper well done to George Brady for completing a 50k run for Pieta House this weekend, raising a positive ball of money, and for a 10k dressed a the honey monster (new nickname in the offing!)  Congrats too to Karl Bingham  on his 5k challenge, zuper run.
Anyone else get up to anything?  Let us know!   Everyone deserves a shout out!
The recent announcements have set out a timeline for the easing of restrictions and all we can say is hopefully soon we can get back together in some capacity shape or form.

Here is the link to the actual site 


 It's understood sports activity would be restricted to 4 people together respecting social distancing. All will be made clear soon for sure so we can't comment, but we can say is that make sure nobody gets left out! #mewe :) 

Stay in touch!  Keep posting! See you all soon!  And  remember, Whatever you do, do it in BLUE!




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Weekly roundup Monday 4th May 2020.

We have lots to mention this week!  Many thanks and congrats to all who took part in the DBRC 1 mile/2 mile and Virtual relay over the weekend. The full results are below. Winner by a comfortable margin even when the handicap was applied is Darrell Ramsbottom in both the 1 mile and 2 mile catagories. Zuper congrats!  Our Random Selected Virtual relay was won by Frank Mc Morrow and Darell.  Smashing stuff and great times,  now we know what we are about, we'll organise another one and keep you posted on details!

Lots of other events. Congrats to all those who took part in Virtual races/ runs.  Karl Bingham for a 10 miler, Siobhan Mulvey for 10k, Eva Tomonyiczka for 1/2 marathon.

Congrats and well done also to all those who took on the Donadea challege of 63.3km this weekend. Some did it over the 3 days and others in one go. Congrats again, the Blue will be in zuper shape for the first marathon to be held for sure.   

 Runners included were Al Higgins, Rolando, Anto Sheridan, Greg O'Beirne, Stephen Mullen, Sharon Wilders, Tom Reyolds (and Teresa of course!)  (If we have missed you let us know!)

KEEP US POSTED about what you get up to. Stay in touch! More results etc to come as we get them.

The memory this week comes from the 3000metres in Santry 2019.  George Brady won outright and Greg OB placed third in the handicap. Sinead Morrisey was presented with her prize for placing the in the 2miler the week previous. The Grand Prix Series may be one of the first short distance events back. Fingers crossed and we will watch out for news. 


Here's the stats we have !

Image may contain: 6 people, including Tom Reynolds, Anthony Sheridan, Eva Tomonyiczka and Stephen Mullin, outdoor

Image may contain: 4 people, including Eva Tomonyiczka, grass, outdoor and nature



DBRC Virtual 1 Mile, 2 Mile and Team Relay #1 2020.

1 mile

Darrell Reamsbottom     5.31

Mark Hughes                     6.00

Aoife Scott                         6.02

Frank McMorrow             6.18

Avril Challoner                  6.21

Gavin Tobin                       6.23

Fran Hanlon                       6.46

Gregory O’Beirne             6.47

Suzanne Colgan                7.04

Gayle Patton                     7.19

Charles O’Duffy                8.15

2 mile

Darrell Reamsbottom     11.52

Avril Challoner                  12.45

Aoife Scott                         12.59

Mark Hughes                     13.01

Frank Mc Morrow            13.10

Gregory O’Beirne             13.53

Fran Hanlon                       14.10

Charles O’Duffy                17.26


Frank Mc Morrow & Darell Reamsbottom             18.10

Avil Challoner & Aoife Scott                                       19.20

Fran Hanlon & Mark Hughes                                      19.47

Aoife Scott (2) & Gregory O’Beirne                          19.55

Gayle Patton & Gavin Tobin                                       23.06

Charles O’Duffy & Suzanne Colgan                          24.30    




Weekly roundup Monday 19th April 2020

Round about this time last year, if memory serves me right, and it sometimes doesn't, lol, the Grand Prix Series was in full swing, we had the National Road Relays and the East Of Ireland events in Donabate.  I've lost the pics of Donabte bar a few, but we have great images from a great day out at the Road Relays. 

Sunday 19th was to be the date this year, but due to, well you get it, it wasn't to be.  DBRC walked into the lions den last year, the standard over these short distances was extremely high but we held our own, performed really well as teams, and certainly were the best represented and supported club on the day. 

In our history we have had some results in this club, with major individual wins, but the pride of that day and the team spirit stays with us.  Hope these pics bring back a flavour of the day and we will get our chance to take on the challenge again and certainly to display the team and family spirit that makes us DBRC. 


Stay safe everyone ! KEEP IN TOUCH !  And let us know what you get up to in BLUE!

#me/we #whateveryoudodoitinblue

#me/we #whateveryoudodoitinblue



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Image may contain: 13 people, including Gayle Patton, Kathleen Cheshire, Helen Smith, Suzanne Colgan, Eva Tomonyiczka, Ger Copeland and Caroline Hynes, outdoor




Weekly roundup Monday 13th April 2020

Thank you so much to all our contributors this week, there are enough work outs and ideas to keep you fit and active and in shape for when  we meet again, for now you can have your very own hall of gain at home.  

These are serious and distressing times, we sincerely hope you and yours are well and are unaffected. Lets keep a sense of perspective and at the same time keep life as normal as possible.  The message remains the same, stay safe, follow the instructions, stay in your 2k and please please be kind and considerate to other road and pathway users.

Around about this time last year DBRC were winning at Santry in the Grand Prix.  This week it seems the only event going was a virtual cycle race, our very own King of Scotland Alastair Higgins came in top 100. Here's hoping there can be a few more similar events to compete in.

One sad item, our very own DBRC pooch and Clonliffe Race winner Roxy has passed on. Pictured below with George Brady.

Stay safe everyone ! KEEP IN TOUCH !  And let us know what you get up to in BLUE!

#me/we #whateveryoudodoitinblue

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Image may contain: 2 people, including Joseph Cole, outdoor and nature
#me/we #whateveryoudodoitinblue

Weekly roundup Monday 6th April 2020

Hi to all. It's Monday and time to take stock and to send out those virtual hugs :) .
What can we roundup? Nothing really!  But we will come up with some club based activilty very soon!
This time last year we were busy in St Annes Park at the 10 mile National Championship. There's a few pics included below to bring back a taste of the day and a good day it was too!  
We hope you are all safe and well. Let's keep those zuper fit bodies active and moving. We can't say it enough, and we are not preaching.  
Stay safe! Use the 2km app!  Run responsibly!   Please stay inside your 2k zone.  None of us would like for people wandering into/around our own area either, it's temporary and just for a while. Think of it as a new form of 'zonal' training! 
For now it's the only advice and sensible thing we can say, apart from Wash your hands! 
It really is great to hear members are keeping active and using the best of their time and trying new things such as pilates and yoga as well as their daily run. We can all only wish this difficulty passes soon and we can return to some sort of normality.
So please, be safe, everybody make the effort to stay in touch with each other, and keep us posted!


#me/we #whateveryoudodoitinblue

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Image may contain: 8 people, including Gary Power, Sinéad Morrissey, Dashe Jordan, Caroline Hynes, Helen Smith and Kevin Greene, outdoor

Weekly update Monday 30th of March 2010


Hi folks!  It really is lovely to see everyone's posts, with tips for workouts and different ways to keep the fitness levels up.  We have a great way to stay in touch, keep close and let each other know we are safe and well, so do let us know what you are up to and keep posting.  It doesn't  take me to say that these are strange days indeed. Please everyone stay safe. Take the advice. Wash your hands. If running, run sensibly and responsibly. Keep in touch with each other. This time will pass! Keep your immune system strong, keep healthy and when that first race comes around it will be so good to let it rip and get back to what we love.

Here's a few images from recent posts. A goal can seem very far away especially at times like this. But belief can make it possible. Don't let these difficult times stop us from dreaming. 

Finally a big shout out to Mr. Frank McMorrow, one of the Aer Lingus pilots involved in the recent mission to China for hospital supplies.  Proud of ya pal! 

Stay safe! Use the 2km app!  Run responsibly!  #me/we #whateveryoudodoitinblue
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Image may contain: 3 people, including Siobhán Mulvey, text


Weekly update Monday 23rd of March 2010

Hi to all ! Thanks for sending in your selfies, and thank you most of all for being responsible and taking care to leave space when out and about and being very mindful of what is going on around us. We are all in this together. It certainly looks like more restrictions may come in although we are just guessing. Please please keep your distance, be prepared,  and maybe it's time now to consider a home routine to keep your fitness levels up. It's for all our sakes.   We couldn't pick a winner! (it was you Karl lol)  You are all winners!

We're all going to stay positive, keep in touch, and as a club we can pull together even if remotely :)

Be Safe, be Kind, be Good as you can and  be BLUE in the best way possible!  #me/we

Image may contain: 7 people, including Eva Tomonyiczka, Karl Bingham and Aoife Scott, child, outdoor and close-up

Full membership is €75 which includes AAI affiliation & one club top. 

Random update ! Wednesday 19th March 2020

We hope everyone is safe and well during this most unusual of times.  With no events being possible, do you remember what we were doing this time last year?  One big event was the DBRC takeover  day at Brickfields parkrun Drimnagh, having already successfully provided all the volunteers previously for St Annes, the DBRC crew headed over to the South side for a fine Saturday morning. Here are some more images too from that time. What were you doing? 

Stay safe everyone and see you soon!

Image may contain: 26 people, including Helen Smith, Gary O'Daly, Gary Seery, Sharon Connell Wilders, Tom Reynolds, Gary Power, Caroline Hynes, Ger Copeland, Suzanne Colgan and 3 others 


Weekly Upd

Weekly Update Sunday 15th March 2020.

Hi to all. We trust you are all safe and well and being sensible out there. Kinda tricky to do a round up in a time such as this but there's more to it all than just results. we won't post safety notes or instructions, you have all heard and read the Official notices, so pay heed and stay safe. We want to see you all safe and well as soon as things begin to return to normal.  

Official training is suspended for the moment until further notice, most if not all races are also cancelled or postponed, even parkrun. We know many of you continue to run and train and we should as long as possible in safety. 

Congrats to Joe Kiernan on another martahon this week. Here's a few pics that crossed the desk during the week.  Keep on keeping blue, see you soon, take care out there, and lets all stay in touch!  Keep the spirit alive.

Me/We are more than runners!

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Weekly Update Monday 9th March 2020

It was all country action again this weekend. Congrats and well done to all who got out there are did their stuff.

Special mention to Gary ODaly on his 200th parkrun, and to Charles ODuffy and good friend of the club Teresa Taffe on making 30 km in the first leg of the Run Wild Castle Trilogy. 

On the news front, going forward members will get regular reminders about training in the form of an event notification. You are never good enough not to train!

Captain Anne Mc D will be sending a notice also about the Clonliffe Grand Prix Series. This is a great event and great value at just 30 euro for a seasons racing on track and trail. Highly recommended !

Here's the stats we have, if we missed you, please let us know so that we can include you!


Boherneem A.C. Half Marathon 

Karl Bingham 1/28/47 Gary reinhardt 1/34/41

Anne Jennings  1/39/42 Gary ODaly 1/41/21 (PB)


Shanes Caslte Trail Marathon.

Gregory O'Beirne 3/42/22


Carlingford Half Marathon

Eva Tomonyiczka 1/56/26


Raheny Winter League Rnd 7   (3mile)

Gregory O'Beirne 20-23 Carmel Ward  21-26 Siobhan Mulvey 28-06


Gaelforce Sky Run Leenane.


John Dolan awaiting result



Malahide: Siobhan Mulvey  29-05

Griffeen: Gary O'Daly 22-38 NiamhO'Daly 31-02

St Annes: Kevin Greene   24-22

Ardgillan: Joseph Kiernan  22-44

Porterstown: Michael Gonda  19-06

Corkagh: Mark Conlon 21-25


Congrats to all. Photo credits, thanks to all contributors!

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WEEKLY ROUNDUP  Tuesday 3rd March , 2020.

It was all country action this weekend gone, with members heading back to Lusk, out to Nass and even beyond to Beleek.

Well done to all who got out there and did their thing, We had some great running, and a warm welcome this year, out in Lusk, not just from Lusk AC, but also the sun came out and made a great day. 

A special congrats for Gary O'Daly for completing another 50k, this time for charity.

Joe Kiernan was back on marathon duty, nice one Joe!

The date for our 5 miler has been released, 28th June, please can all members make a push to promote, a simple share on social media goes a long way! Thank you.

Here are the stats!   If we have missed you, let us know !


Karl Bingham 25-16 Dino Higgins 25-48 Keith Kirwin 26-03 Gregory O'Beirne  27-23

Gary Reinhardt 27-23 Carmel Ward 28-37 Eva Tomonyiczka 30-02

Kevin Greene 32-40 Sinead Morrisey 37-45 (PB) Siobhan Mulvey 38-04



George Brady 1-06-14 Tom Cassidy 1-24-18



Joe Kiernan 3-51-00



Malahide: Karl Bingham 19-40 Siobhan Mulvey  28-58

St Annes  Gregory O'Beirne 22-28 Kevin Greene 25-06

Tymon: Anthiny Sheridan 21-42

Brickfields Michael Gonda 20-01

Royal Canal: Niamh O'Daly 30-07 Gary O'Daly 30-08

Image may contain: 7 people, including Eva Tomonyiczka, Siobhán Mulvey and Sinéad Morrissey, people smiling

Image may contain: 6 people, including Siobhán Mulvey and Joseph Cole, people smiling, people standing

Photo credits: Thanks to all!!



WEEKLY ROUNDUP  Monday 24th of February , 2020.

There’s an EOI LUSK Weekend on the way we said and indeed there was. On a difficult day for distance running with very strong winds our boys and girls ran impressively. The confirmed results were not up at the time of posting, so we will update that later. No doubting Ger Copelands win in the 10k, zuper congrats.  Well done to all who ran and thank you so much to the supporters.


Elsewhere we had members at the Avondale half marathon with nice runs from Gary, Eva, Linda and Anto.


The events just keep coming, the Lusk 4 mile is this Sunday and there's a 10 mile in Naas to mention just two. The very best of legs to all who are taking part.


We had the great news of the set date for the DBRC 5 mile, Sunday 28th of June, the organising committee have been working overtime on this one. It's gonna be tropic !  We need a big publicity drive please from members and we will have a poster available very soon. Don't forget we need volunteers just as much as runners! 


Attendance at training is running nicely, let's keep the numbers up!


Do keep us posted on your achievements and adventures!  Be an inspiration, be you, be BLUE ! 


Here's the stats so far....


Anto Sheridan                             1-39-00
Eva Tomonyiczka                        1-53-00
Gary Power                                  2-06-11
Linda Colgan                               2-06-00
Corkagh  Park
Gary O'Daly                         23-49
Colin Dolan                          29-41
Niamh O'Daly                       32-06

Image may contain: 13 people, including Linda Colgan, Gary Power, Eva Tomonyiczka, Sinéad Morrissey, Siobhán Mulvey and Kathleen Cheshire, people smiling, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: 12 people, including Ann McDonnell, Kathleen Cheshire, Sinéad Morrissey, Aoife Scott, Mark Messitt, Deirdre O'Malley and Siobhán Mulvey, people smiling, outdoor and nature

Photo credits: Thanks to all!!



WEEKLY ROUNDUP  Monday 17th of February , 2020.

There’s an EOI LUSK Weekend on the way! Hope to see a sea of BLUE in North County Dublin!  If not going, we wish you the best of legs in whatever you choose to do.

This week we had members running at the EOI Midweek, parkruns and a very tough mountain ultra in Cork. Well done to Carmel Ward on being first lady at Fr Collins and congrats to all who got out and competed, volunteered and trained. We had good numbers at training on Tuesday and Thursday. Let’s keep the numbers up and make it work.

Here’s a summary of what we know about. Please do keep us posted on your achievements and adventures!

East Of Ireland CLONTARF Midweek Marathon Thursday 13th


Gregory O’Beirne             3-49-51 

Charles O’Duffy                4-46-46 


Louise Heraghty               2-07-19  (1st place) 


Jennifer Sharkey              1-00-27 (4th) 

Siobhan Mulvey               1-08-17 (7th) 




John Dolan               12-24-43

Tom Reynolds          10-42-55


Parkrun  Saturday 15th 


Karl Bingham      19-31                    Siobhan Mulvey 29-52 


Carmel Ward     22-27  (First Lady !) 


Gary O’Daly        23-04                    Niamh O’Daly     35-09 


Gregory O’Beirne             24-39 


Joseph Kiernan                    23-20


Photo credits: Thanks to all.


Image may contain: one or more people, child and outdoor



WEEKLY ROUNDUP  Monday 10th of February 2020. 

Donadea weekend!  And Donadea did what Donadea does. A fantastic race where the ultras meet the marathoners, with the ultras having to speed it up and the chancer marathoners having to keep it going that few miles further. It’s a no prisoners taken National Championship over 50k and it’s done on a trail course.


Top performances for DBRC this year must go to Alastair Higgins for his 4th place in 3h 31m (whilst fighting a cold) and Eva Tomonyiczka completing her first 50k in style (check out that finisher pic!).  


A huge thanks to those who came out to support. Hope you enjoyed the day, your presence was a great boost to the runners and much appreciated.

Full list of DBRC results below and proud to report that all the DBRC finishers made it in under the 5hour cut off.  Commiserations to those who didn’t make the start or finish line.


DBRC came 2nd and 9th in the team event this year, and our runners acquitted themselves really well with just one minute between 1st and 2nd!  We have a whole year to get the team back up to full strength, lets be having you! There is normally an unrestricted time event at Donadea in June if you fancy a trial run.  You can do this!

Elsewhere Joe Kiernan continues to knock out marathons, and parkrun continues as usual.  Well done all.

Next up is the EOI Clontarf not a mid-week marathon this Thursday and the week after, on the 22nd, the EOI events in Lusk.

 Thanks to all who have signed up for the Terenure 5 mile (11am Sunday May 10th) for the club discount (15 euro). We are holding applications open for a little while longer if anyone else wants in.

Training continues, Tuesdays, Thursdays and trail runs Saturdays, be there, join in, make it happen!

If we have missed you, let us know!  All news welcome!

Whatever you do, do it in Blue!

Here’s the stats…

Irish National 50k Championship Donadea.

Alastair Higgins                3-21-05  (4th)

Dino Higgins                      4-05-52 (44th) 

Gregory O’Beirne             4-08-58 (49th) (pb) 

Tom Reynolds                   4-14-57 (60th)

Anne Jennings                     4-45-00 (Pacer) 

Anthony Sheridan            4-48-46 

Eva Tomonyiczka              4-49-55

Mark Conlon                         4-55-27 

Ronan Misteil                    4-57-37 


MCI Fore Marathon Castlepollard. 

Joe Kiernan                        3-54-00 




Gary O’Daly                       22.37                    Niamh O’Daly  31-12


St Annes

Kevin Greene                     24-49                    Sinead Morrissey 29-46



Michael Gonda                 19-43


River valley

Ann Marie Daly                43-27


Photo credits. Maura Shaughnessy/ Paul Taffe/ Greg OB/ Carolone H/ thanks to all others….

 Image may contain: 2 people, including Dino Higgins, people smiling, people standing, outdoor and nature, possible text that says '99958'

Image may contain: 14 people, including Dino Higgins, Anthony Sheridan, Eric Hewston, Ger Copeland, Eva Tomonyiczka and Mark Conlon, people smiling, outdoor

Image may contain: 4 people, including Maura Shaughnessy and Eric Hewston, people smiling, outdoor and nature

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WEEKLY ROUNDUP  Monday 3rd February 2020. 

Once again thanks to all who attended the AGM and Awards night. Congrats to all the winners, and congrats to all for being in the best club ever.

The new training schedule now kicks in, so let’s all get stuck in and keep the numbers up. It's up to us to make it work, so best of luck with your training. 

There was a very high standard on view at the Trim 10 mile on Sunday, glad to say DBRC put out a good display with some fine results. 

Next up is the 50k National Championship in Donadea.  The very best of luck to all taking part, and if not running if you can get out to support that would be great. It’s a great event and very exciting to watch and the runners can really do with support.

As ever, well done to all who got out there and did there thing.

Here’s the stats, If we have missed you, let us know and keep us posted about what you get up to!  




TRIM 10 MILE Sunday 2nd February. 


Ger Copeland                    59-27 

Darrell Reamsbottom     1-02-00 

Karl Bingham                    1-09-40 

Gregory O’Beirne             1-15-01 

Fran Hanlon                       1-19-20 

Caroline Hynes                 1-26-58 


BHAA Cross Country 4 mile

George Brady                       26-21


parkrun !


Karl Bingham                     19-15      Siobhan Mulvey                28-09


Michael Gonda                 19-49     Anthony Sheridan            20-53


Gary O’Daly                       22-03      Niamh O’Daly                    30-05


Aoife Scott                         21-10  (2nd Lady)     Kevin Greene                     24-20


Joseph Kiernan                 23-32


Gregory O’Beirne             22-05


Mark Conlon                     21-22


Short distance: Anthony SheridanAnn McDonnell.
Middle distance: Carmel Ward Keith Kirwin.

Marathon: Darrell ReamsbottomAoife Scott.

Ultra: Alastair HigginsAvril Challoner.
Cross country: Dino HigginsGayle Patton.

Track: George BradyGreg O'Beirne, Carmel Ward, Ann McDonnell.
Insipational awards: Joseph Cole, Joe Kiernan, Charles O Duffy. Maura Dineen.
Most improved: Suzanne Colgan.
Outstanding achievement: Alastair Higgins.
Runner of the year: Gregory  O'Beirne.
Colgan of the year: Sinead Morrissey.

Photo credits, Greg OB, Dashe J, Gary OD, Gary S, DEE OM. and thanks to all others.

Image may contain: 6 people, including Ger Copeland and Dashe Jordan, people smiling, outdoor

Image may contain: 9 people, including Ger Copeland, Helen Smith, George Brady, Gary O'Daly and Niamh McGoldrick, people smiling, outdoor

Image may contain: 18 people, including Aoife Scott, Suzanne Colgan, Carmel Ward, Ann McDonnell, Sinéad Morrissey and Ger Copeland, people smiling

Image may contain: 19 people, including Joseph Cole, Carmel Ward, Ger Copeland, Charles O Duffy, Ann McDonnell, John Dolan and Gayle Patton, people smiling, indoor




Evening all!

Zuper performances today at the Axa Raheny 5 mile, many personal bests, and overall great running, just awesome as predicted.  It really is fantastic to see the club so well represented and for members to turn in class performances. 

The coming weeks will be busy with so many races coming up, the Trim 10 mile is next, then the big event on the 8th, the Donadea 50k, Lusk 4 mile and of course the EOI events to mention but a few.

The club awards night and AGM is this Tuesday. It’s important for all members to attend. The new committee is to be selected and there are many other posts to be filled and up for grabs, including this one.  Your club needs your input to decide, or if you feel you have something to give, and are interested in a post. Please come forward for selection and let the committee know.

I’ve certainly enjoyed sharing your running journey over the last year and a half. It’s been nothing but awesome, entertaining and inspiring.  Keep it up and always, whatever you do, do it in BLUE!

! So see you on Tuesday!

Here’s the stats!


Darrell Reamsbottom    29-31

Dino Higgins                       31-30

Gary Reinhardt                  33-14

Brendan Pollard                                33-45

Eoin Robinson                   33-35

Aoife Scott                          34-20

Gregory O’Beirne             34-50

Carmel Ward                      35-58

Deirdre O’Malley              35-58

Kevin Greene                    39-00

Eva Tomonyiczka              39-28

Joe Kiernan                         38-05

Helen Smith                        40-26

Gary Seery                          40-19

Gary Power                         41-15

Jennifer Sharkey              41-42

Ann McDonnell                 41-46

Steve Charters                  40-54

Tony Casey                         44-12

Caroline Hynes                  42-21

Linda Colgan                       43-35

Siobhan Mulvey                46-01

Ann Marie Daly                 47-24

Elaine Casey                       48-18

David Ashe                         54-42


Joe Kiernan                         3-45-00


Malahide             Siobhan Mulvey                28-45

Griffeen               Gary ODaly                          21-56     Niamh ODaly      29-21

St Annes              Gregory O’Beirne             22-29

Naas                      Michael Gonda                 19-29 (6th)

Fr Collins              Eoin Robinson                   20-08 (6th)           Sarah Gahan      24-06

River Valley        Kevin Greene                    25-09

Corkagh               George Brady                     19-22 (3rd)           Mark Conlon      21-12

WINTER LEAGUE Round 4 (2 MILE )   Wednesday 22nd

Gregory O’Beirne                             13-15

Carmel Ward                                      14-12

Siobhan Mulvey                                18-27

Photo Credits, Greg OB. Paul Taffe, Ann McD, Dee OM, thanks to all others! 

Image may contain: 22 people, including Brendan Pollard, Siobhán Mulvey, Ann McDonnell, Dino Higgins, Helen Smith, Aoife Scott, Eva Tomonyiczka, Joseph Cole and Deirdre O'Malley, people smiling

__________________________Image may contain: 8 people, including Ann McDonnell, David Brady, Helen Smith and Gary Power, people smiling, outdoor___



Congrats and well done to all who got out and were awesome in Blue. Some great performances this weekend at Staplestown in the EOI races, with Dino Higgins turning in an excellent 3.17 and 2nd place in the marathon, and Ann Mc Donnell and Ger Copeland taking the honours in the 5 mile. Anne Jennings has a new pb in the marathon, numbers were great at training, lets keep it up!

Next major race coming up is the Axa (Raheny) 5 on Sunday. Please watch for posts in the EVENTS section of this page!

A reminder our AGM and awards night is on Tuesday 28th.  Please be sure to come along and participate, it’s your club, your voice  and input is important.

Here’s the stats!  (please let us know if we have missed you)

EOI Staplestown Marathon and races.


Dino Higgins       3-17-38  (2nd place)

Anne Jennings   3-38-36 (PB( 7th (2nd Lady)

Gregory O’Beirne             3-39-39 (8th)

Louise Heraghty                4-09-41

Eric Hewston                     4-46-14


20 MILE.

Eva Tomonyiczka              3-03-54


Alastair Higgins 1-20-44 (6th)



Mark Messitt     1-39-48

Brendan Pollard                1-54-32



Ger Copeland    30-58  (1st place)

Ann McDonnell 46-06 (3rd)  1st Lady

Siobhan Mulvey 51-47 (5th) 2nd Lady



Stephen Egan    3-17-00



Malahide             Karl Bingham      20-06

Marlay                  Bartek Sokolowski           22-55

Griffeen               Gary O’Daly 21-53            Niamh O’Daly  29-02

St Annes              Christina Dwyer 22-57

Ardgillan              Joseph Kiernan 22-45

Tymon                  Michael Gonda 22-14

Fr Collins              Kevin Greene    24-13

Corkagh               Colin Doolan       30-37

Photo credit. Teresa Mc Carthy, Paul Taffe, Gary R, Greg, Dee, John Dolan and thanks to all others.

Image may contain: 5 people, including Eva Tomonyiczka, Lou Lovesrunning and Ger Copeland, people smiling

Image may contain: 4 people, including Linda Colgan, people smiling, outdoor and nature, possible text that says 'D.B.R.C.'



Week two and the races are coming thick and fast.   Well done to all who got out and did their thing from marathons to parkrun. Great numbers at training during the week, let’s keep it up and get that edge you’re after!  We need numbers to commit in advance to keep the hall for s&c training, please contact Ger about a spot. This weekend we have the EOI races in Staplestown and the 50k championship in Donadea is only a few short weeks away. Other events coming are the Axa 5 miler, the club have a big entry in this one, definitely one to look forward to.

Save the date...Agm and awards night is on tues 28th of Jan in the Abbey Tavern Howth at 8 o clock...all served with a fine selection of finger food!   



Here’s the stats we have for the week, if we have missed you, let us know, everyone deserves a shout out and remember, whatever you do, do it in BLUE! 


Full Marathon

Gregory O’Beirne             3-35-30 (2nd place)

Anne Jennings                  3-47-48  (3rd )(First Lady!)

Mark Conlon                     4-28-32


Half marathon

Charles O’Duffy                2-18-50  (4th)



Tom Reynolds                   5-10-40  (29th)

John Dolan                         n.t.a




Ger Copeland                    0-54-00 (6th)

Suzanne Colgan                1-31-01

Linda Colgan                     1-36-16

Caroline Hynes                 1-37-13

Gary Power                        1-39-00




Malahide:            Siobhan Mulvey 29-39


Fr. Collins:           Kevin Greene 24-22         Helen Smith 32-10


St. Annes:            Darrell Reamsbottom  19-57   Gregory O’Beirne  23-48


Griffeen:              Gary O’daly  23-07    Niamh O’Daly  33-53


Ardgillan:             Joseph Kiernan  24-38


Russborough:     Michael Gonda 20-24  (1st Place!)


Corkagh:              Mark Conlon  21-00



Photo credits, Gary Power, Gary R, parkrun , thanks to all others.


Image may contain: 5 people, including Ger Copeland and Siobhán Mulvey, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

 Image may contain: 4 people, including Anne Jennings, Gary Reinhardt and Ger Copeland, people smiling, people standing and outdoor, possible text that says 'Find ont what sets sets your soul on fire and let it burn'



The year has hardly started and there has been so much action! Congrats to all who took part in the Dublin Masters Cross Country Championship on Sunday. It’s great to see the club perform at the highest standard  events. We had some fine individual performances, without a doubt if we had more entrants, DBRC would chart highly in the club rankings. We can look to that going forward in this and other events. 

Many members took part in double parkruns on New Years Day, Numbers were high at training runs, lets keep the momentum going. Races will be coming thick and fast over the next few weeks, so keep us posted and the very best of legs.  The Axa (Raheny 5) is on January 26th (Sunday), we have many members entered and look forward to a great day out. EOI Marathons for January are Thursday 11th and Saturday 18th.

Here’s the stats ! 



Carmel Ward 15-02 w35 – 27th

Eva Tomoniczka 15-32 w40- 40th

Gayle Patton 15-48 w40 – 43rd

Suzanne Colgan 16-12  w35 – 34th

Sinead Morrissey 18-53  440 – 53rd



Dino Higgins 27-51  m45 – 37th

Gregory O’Beirne  28-18 m55 – 20th

Tom Cassidy 29-08  m50 – 47th

Josept Kiernan 30-21  m50 – 57th

Kevin Greene 33-49  m45 – 53rd




Dino Higgins  3-40-45




Fr Collins;

Ger Copeland 18-00  (2nd) Darell Reamsbottom  19-16

Karl Bingham  19-38 Gregory O’Beirne  22-46

Gary Power  24-21 Kevin Greene  24-48

Jenny Bowers  31-45 Helen Smith 27-20

Dash Jordan 33-02 Caroline Hynes 40-48

St Annes;

Ger Copeland  20-11 Gregory O’Beirne  22-27

Deirdre O’Mally  22-48 (5th lady Katherine Marsh 24-15

Louise Heraghty  25-47 (PB) Darrell Reamsbottom  25-58

Kevin Greene  27=56 Sinead Morrissey 31-00

Dashe Jordan  38-13 Jenny Bowers  39-48

Caroline Hynes  38-06


Michael Gonda  19-54 Gary O’Daly 22-12 Niamh O’Daly  31-55

Bushy Park

Anthony Sheridan 20-18


Michael Gonda 20-04 Gary O’Daly 22-17

Niamh O’Daly 29-44 Colin Doolan 31-53


Parkrun 04-Jan 2020

St Annes

Darrell Reamsbottom 18-21 (PB)   8th 

Michael Gonda 19-53 Christina Dwyer 23-03


Karl Bingham  19-08


Gary O’Daly  21-45 Niamh O’Daly 29-31


Joseph Kiernan  24-14


Katherine Marsh  23-46 4th lady.



Photo credits- thanks to all

Image may contain: 6 people, including Gayle Patton and Ann McDonnell, people smiling, outdoor

Image may contain: 8 people, including Caroline Hynes, Sinéad Morrissey, Gary Power and Suzanne Colgan, people smiling, outdoor

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, outdoor and nature



Weekly update Monday 30th December 2019. 

It was like Christmas time for results hounds! And we had some great results with a clean sweep of 1-2-3-4 in the EOI marathon on Friday.  Congrats George on another win.

Congrats to Kevin Greene on completing 52 parkruns in 52 weeks

Congrats also to Ann McDonnell on her win in the 10k.

The results below speak for themselves and indeed congrats to all.

This Sunday sees the Masters Cross Country in Saint Annes Park. Captain Ann McDonnell is co-ordinating and building teams so if interested please get in touch right away.

2019 draws to a close, 2020 lies ahead, we wish a very Happy and Zuper New Year, may all good things come to you and a host of pbs and results to make you blush!

If we have missed you please let us know! 

Here’s the stats !

EOI CHRISTMAS MARATHON Friday 27th December.

George Brady 3-30-21  (1st Place!) 

Mike Gonda 3-31-50  (2nd) 

Stephen Egan  3-36-30 (3rd) 

Gregory O’Beirne 3-40-12 (4th) 

Gary O’Daly  4-25-33 

Charles O’Duffy 4-57-56 

Tom Cassidy 5-21-35 

Johnathan Dolan  5-43-46 



Ben Marsh  1-29-49 (3rd)

Brendan Pollard  1-41-14  (6th)

Keith Kirwan  1-42-43  (8th) 



Ann McDonnell  59-56  (1st Place ) 



St Annes   Kevin Greene  26-21   (52 parkruns in 52 calendar weeks !)

Naas      Colin Doolan  31-38

Fr Collins             Eva Tomonyickka  23-28  (1st lady !)    Sarah Gahan 24-43

Lough Key           Gary O’Daly  22-46   Niamh O’daly  31-12

Corkagh  Michael Gonda  20-27  (3rd place)



Maura Shaughnessy   50-37



Darrell Reamsbottom  41-56

Gregory O’Beirne  45-42

Keith Kirwin  48-14

Gary Power  51-16

Gayle Patton  51-17

Suzanne Colgan  51-17

Kevin Greene  55-25

Linda Colgan  57-14

Siobhan Mulvey  1-05-31



Siobhan Mulvey 29-37


MALAHIDE parkrun Christmas Day.

Keith Kirwin  20-02

Gary Power  25-20

Kevin Greene 25-54

Siobhan Mulvey 28-28

Suzanne Colgan  28-23


Photo credits:  Gary Renhardt/Paul Taffe/ Suzanne Colgan/ Greg/ Many thanks to all others!


Image may contain: 4 people, including Gary O'Daly, Gary Reinhardt and Charles O Duffy, people smiling, outdoor

Image may contain: 20 people, including Linda Colgan, Gary Power, Suzanne Colgan, Maura Shaughnessy, Gayle Patton, Siobhán Mulvey, Sinéad Morrissey and John Dolan, people smiling

Image may contain: 3 people, including Ger Copeland and Eric Hewston, people smiling

Weekly Update Monday 23rd of December 2019


Weekly Update Monday 23rd of December 2019

Christmas and New Year are almost upon us, we wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and a Joyous New Year.    Thanks to all who turned out for the Santa Dash on Thursday and many thanks to Dee for arranging .  (You can still donate to our collection for the homeless via paypal to gary.seery@gmail.com }.

There are so many events still to come, the EOI are back in Howth on 27th December, next day 28th is the Fat Turkey 10k also in Howth. There's a 5k in Santry Stadium on 29th and before you know it we are into January and off to Clontarf and Staplestown for the EOI events and of course the x country on Jan 5th in St Annes Park. Contact Cpt. Ann for details!
Here's the stats for the week, and a big  congrats to Anne Jennings for her win at the EAMS marathon event on Friday !



Katherine Marsh 22-07  (4th lady)
Gary ODaly  25-13
Niamh ODaly  30-23
St Annes;
Kevin Greene  28-44
Tymon Park
Anthony Sheridan  21-00  7th
Colin Doolan  30-39
Fr. Collins;
Sarah Gahan   24-26  (6th Lady)
Corkagh Park:
Michael Gonda  19-40  (5th)
Mark Conlon  20-00  (8th)
Image may contain: 8 people, including Helen Smith, Deirdre O'Malley, Ger Copeland and Gary Reinhardt, people smiling

WEEKLY UPDATE MONDAY 16th December 2019.

The EOI Howth Back 2 Back was everything it was expected to be.  A fantastic weekend of running and excellent results for DBRC with two marathon wins and wins and places in the halfs and 10k as well.  

Big congrats to LOU for her first podium placing, a win in the marathon!

Don't forget  our Annual Santa Dash on Thursday 19th at 8.15pm, details on fb page ! 

Here's all the stats we have. If we have missed you let us know ! 


Wednesday 11th Autumn Classic 2 Mile

Gregory O’Beirne  14-38 

Carmel Ward  14-53



Friday 13th HOWTH  East Of Ireland Back 2 Back Marathons Day 1.


Gregory O’Beirne             3-44-57  (4th)

Anthony Sheridan            4-03-00

Mark Conlon                     4-22-47

Louise Heraghty               4-20-25  (FIRST LADY – WINNER !)



Brendan Pollard               1-42-21  (1st Place !)



Saturday 14th HOWTH  East Of Ireland Back 2 Back Marathons Day 2.


Ben Marsh                         3-24-21 (1st Place!)

Michael Gonda                 3-36-42 (2nd Place)

Mark Conlon                     4-52-09

Gregory O’Beirne             4-07-06

Gary ODaly                        4-26-20

Sharon Widlers                 4-39-31



Keith Kirwin                       1-48-47 (2nd Place)

Maura Dineen                  1-56-15 (1st Lady !)

Catherine Marsh              1-56-55

Paul White                         2-03-18

Eva Tomonyiczka              2-05-18

Gary Power                       2-10-35

Suzanne Colgan                2-14-20



Aoife Scott                         50-36 (1st Place !)

Ann Mc Donnell               55-58 (3rd place)



PARKRUN Saturday 14th

Marlay:                Anthony Sheridan 21-49


St Annes:             Kevin Greene 25-52


Clonmell:             Colin Doolan 29-22


Royal Canal:       Niamh ODaly  30-23



ZURICH MARATHON DE MALAGA  2019 Saturday 14th.

Dino Higgins 3-19-15


Image may contain: 5 people, including Ger Copeland, Brendan Pollard, Lou Lovesrunning and Aoife Scott, people smiling.

Weekly Roundup Monday 9th of December 2019.

It was the week before Howth and all through the is-land, there were members running like mad and lyin' in the sand...

OK. it was Lanzarote time again!!
Congrats to all who were lucky enough to make the trip and run in whatever distance you went for. There were some great results, with some nice age catagory places and the BIG news was JOE KIERNAN completing his 100th Marathon.

A very big congrats to Joe and well earned!  

Welcome home to those back already and safe travels for those still out there.
Elsewhere we had a fantastic 4th place by AVRIL CHALLONER in the Cheviot Hills 55 mile race. Excellent stuff.
There are some nice parkrun results too with a lot of top 5 places for DBRC.
Looking forward to this weekend for the East Of Ireland Back 2 Back races in Howth. Hope to see you there on our very own home ground. 
There has been great numbers at training, let's keep this up and moving forward.
Whatever you do, do it in BLUE ! 
Here are the stats for the week, if we have missed you, just let me know and we will pop you in!


Gregory O’Beirne             3:29:44  (age cat 7th

Joseph Kiernan                3:38:07 (100th MARATHON)

Eva Tomonyiczka              4:18:13 (age cat 6th)

Ronan Misteil                    4:29:08  

Helen Smith                      4:57:52

Colin Doolan                     5:40:43


Deirdre O’Malley             1:49:23 (age cat 5th)

Gavin Tobin                       1:52:20


Sinead Morrissey             1:13:42

Edel Kiernan                      1:32:30



Avril Challoner  13h23m   (4th Lady !)



Darndale;            Kevin Greene 24;40 (3rd place!)


Corkagh;              Michael Gonda 19;35 (2nd)  George Brady 19;30  (3rd)  Mark Conlon 20;00 (5th)


River Valley;       Ann Marie Daly  30;13


Griffeen:              Gary ODaly  22;35   Niamh ODaly  33;42



Image may contain: 4 people, including David Brady, people smiling, child and outdoor

Image may contain: 12 people, including Helen Smith, Rónán Mistéil, Teresa Bradley Taaffe and Eva Tomonyiczka, people smiling

Photo Credits. Teresa and Paul, Greg,  Deirdre, Ger thanks to all others!


November’s gone and it’s full speed ahead into December, but apart from the obvious celebrations on the way, there, are so many races over all distances coming up, including three EOI Howth Marathons (13th/14th/27th).  Lanzarote is next week, best of legs to all travelling.  

But hold on, what about last week!  Lots to report on, we had a great team at the Valencia Marathon, commiserations to Frank McMorrow who didn’t get to run and well done to the crew who did.  Aoife Scott scored a nice pb at the Clontarf half, and Mark Conlon smashed his pb with a sub 20 min. parkrun win at Corkagh Park

Fab to see high numbers at training, keep up the good work.

Congrats and well done to all, here are the stats!   If we have missed you be sure to let us know!



Darrell Reamsbottom  3-37-23   

Mark Hughes  3-44-01

Gavin Tobin  3-45-25



Muara Dineen  4-11-16



Aoife Scott 1-38-00  (PB)    

Gregory O’Beirne  1-40-23

Anthony Sheridan  1-48-49 (Pacer)

Kevin Green  1-58-54

Amy Byrne  1-51-05



Siobhan Mulvey   50-25



Gregory O’Beirne   13-02

Carmel Ward  14-25

Kevin Greene  15-42



Stephen Egan  34-40  (age cat win)



Corkagh;   Mark Conlon  19-59  (1ST)   (PB)


River Valley;  Ann Marie Daly  29-31


Royal Canal;  Niamh ODaly  29-46


Marley:  Bartek Sokolowski  23-10


Congrats to all!  Thanks for the photos and keep us posted about whatever you do in BLUE ! 

Image may contain: 16 people, including Aoife Scott, Anthony Sheridan, Mark Hughes, Siobhán Mulvey and Carmel Ward, people smiling, outdoor

Image may contain: 17 people, including Ann McDonnell, Linda Colgan, Ger Copeland, Suzanne Colgan and Caroline Hynes, people smiling



The 2019 Grand Prix Series finished up on Saturday with the final race, the Horan Cup in Santry Demesne.  Last years race winner, George Brady was back to try and retain his title. Alas George lost out by the narrowest of margins, 0.02 of a second, probably due to Georges dog stopping for a tree break!

The race itself is 111 years old and is run over 6 miles of cross country. Well done to all members who took part in the series, we had some great results over the 8 months and certainly made our mark as well as having some great nights on the track. Thanks to Captain Tom for organising.

The final results of the series will be released on Friday 6th of December at 8.30 at Santry Stadium. DBRC are in 8th place and this may improve depending on the points awarded for the last race.

Things to note !

Our Club night out is on Saturday December 14th.  Hope to see everyone there!

Captain Ann reminds us that the Cross Country Season is in full swing and has recently posted about the upcoming masters (+35) event in St Annes Park in January.  All welcome!

Here’s the stats we have for this week, well done to all who got out there and did their stuff. We had good numbers at the Hall of Gain on Tuesday night. Let’s keep the numbers up, keep the training up, and keep that DCM feeling!



Autumn Classic League 2 Mile

Gregory O’Beirne  13-57     Carmel Ward  14-17



Horan Cup 6 Mile x country

George Brady 41-12 (2nd)   Gregory O’Beirne 47-37



Malahide:   Siobhan Mulvey 28-17


Marley:  Anthony Sheridan 20-08   Bartek Sokolowski  21-57


Griffeen:   Gary ODaly  23-10    Niamh ODaly  31-27


St Annes:  Gregory O’Beirne 22-01   Kevin Greene  25-13


Corkagh:  Mark Conlon  20-18   Colin Doolan  30-00

Image may contain: 19 people, including John Dolan, Linda Colgan, Suzanne Colgan, George Brady, Caroline Hynes, Eva Tomonyiczka, Roy McLoughlin and Gavin Tobin, people smiling



There was some great running out there over the week from parkruns to overseas halfs !  Here's a roundup of the stats that crossed the desk, if I've missed you, let me know! Everyone deserves a shout out.

The hall of GAIN is back !  S&C class returns tomorrow at 7.30 in the burrow school hall for the next 4 weeks. So come along and get those cores in order ! 













EOIN ROBINSON  2-45-35     JONATHAN DOLAN  3-44-13.

















Image may contain: 7 people, including Lou Lovesrunning, John Dolan, Roy McLoughlin and Deirdre O'Malley, people smiling, outdoor
Weekly Roundup  Monday 11th of November 2019
I smell winter ! The snow is on the hills, make sure to warm those legs up before hitting the roads!
Plenty of action this week with midweek races at EOI Clontarf and the Belowstown Races on Saturday.  Well done to all who got out and represented the BLUE ! 
Keep up the training, November is a bleak month but it will soon be December and there is an absolute  feast of action on our very own hill with three marathon dates, 13th/14th/27th, all with associated distances.  
Here's the stats for this week. Congrats to all ! 
In no particular order........  
Gregory O'Beirne     3/43/11  (2nd)  Barry Casserly  3/59/29  (4th)
Mark Conlon  4/25/37  (5th)    Charles O'Duffy  5/14/26
Kathleen Cheshire  5/53/22
AUTUMN CLASSIC 2 MILE   Wednesday 6th
Gregory O'Beirne   14-06 (7th)     Carmel Ward   14-13  (9th)
Anthony Sheridan   3-47-52
20 MILE    Eva Tomonyiczka  3-07-13  (2nd)
15 MILE    Joe Kiernan 2-31-20  (4th)
10 MILE   Ger Copeland  1-05-36  (1st)    Keith Kirwin  1-19-36  (2nd)
Avril Challoner  18.27 miles  3-58-15
PARKRUN   Sat 9th  
MALAHIDE   Gregory O'Beirne   21-57   Siobhan Mulvey 27-37
GRIFFEEN   Gary ODaly  23-39   Niamh ODaly  30-31
ST ANNES  Darrell Reamsbottom  18-39  (PB)
COLLINS PARK   Ger Redmond  18-00 (2nd) (PB)
FAIRVIEW   Kevin Green  27-21
Corkagh    Michael Gonda  19-49  (PB)  Mark Conlon  20-16 (PB)
Congrats to all !
Photo credits Gary R- Paul Taffe-  Greg- Avril- Thanks to all others ! 
Image may contain: 6 people, including Eva Tomonyiczka and Siobhán Mulvey, people smiling, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: 7 people, including Ger Copeland and Lisa Seery, people smiling, outdoor



Weekly Roundup Monday 4th of November 2019.

It's been a relatively quite week after DCM, we hope your recovery is going well, be safe out there be good to yourselves. For those of you who just had their first marathon or are not serial nutters build yourself back up again but remember you are in fantastic shape now, keep it that way and maybe it's time to push on. Winter training begins, the Hall of Gain is  due to make a return and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are back so let's get stuck in. Thank you all for being a fantastic crew in BLUE !!
Coming up !
East of Ireland Marathon/20 mile/ 1/2 Maro  Tuesday 5th 7am Clontarf.  You can still enter!
East of Ireland Marathon/20 Mile/ 1/2 Maro / 1/4 Maro  Saturday 9th November.
East of Ireland Howth 13th 14th and 27th December.
Lanzarotte Maraton December 7th.
Here are the stats we have, if we have missed you in anything let me know and I'll be glad to include. 
Malahide:   Siobhan Mulvey 28-02
Marley :  Anthony Sheridan  20-37
Griffeen:  Gary O Daly  22-48  Niamh ODaly  30-47
St Annes:  Gregory O'Beirne  22-58
Collins Park:  Kevin Greene 24-06  Jenny Bowers  29-26
River valley :  Keith Kirwin  21-22  4th place
Corkagh:  Michael Gonda  20-01    Mark Conlon  21-09   Colin Doolan  28-59
Gregory O'Beirne  14-32
photo credits : Greg- thanks to all others !
Image may contain: 4 people, including Gary Seery, Roy McLoughlin and Deirdre O'Malley, people smiling, outdoor

Weekly Roundup Monday 28th of October 2019.

Anyone do anything the weekend?  WE did !  Dublin Marathon weekend and we had a whole host of fantastic results, pb's and sub 3's  (Darrell Reamsbottom) , sub 4's and stories galore, races being pulled from the fire, first marathons (Eoin Robinson/ Martina Harte/Aoife Scott) 100th Marathons (Charles ODuffy) 190th Marathons (George Brady) and just all round general awesomeness!  Thank you so much to all those who came out and supported, this contributed in no small way to the day and what was achieved.  There will be a massive amount of pictures to come over the next while, below are just a few to bring back a flavour of the day. It's hard to find words for it all, so we will repeat what Mr Copeland said himself earlier.....

"  What a day..so many stories, so many pbs, so much desire and stubbornness to get through and push on when the body screams 'STOP!'..Im so super proud of you all,as you should be of yourselves..yet again, for a small club we punch above our weight...You are all amazing.. #dcm #wedidit #loyalblues
Me?We!  "

Elsewhere in the world Rolando and Rex took on the open 24hour at the IAU event.  Maura Dineen was in the Triathlon event in Ibiza, and Carmel Ward had a win as 1st lady on Wednesday in a 2 mile race.
Thank you all for being a fantastic crew in BLUE !!
Here are the stats we have, if we have missed you or there's an error just let us know, or is you have anything at all to add, just let us know !
Darrell Reamsbottom  2-56-05  (1st sub 3)  Alastair Higgins  2-58-59 (pacer) 

Ger Copeland 2-59-59 (pacer)  Dino Higgins 3-06-57  George Brady  (190th Maro) 3-07-50
Eoin Robinson  (1st maro)  3-18-58   Keith Kirwin  3-18-09   Gregory O'Beirne  3-18-39
Tom Reynolds  3-24-03   Gavin Tobin 3-28-57   Aoife Scott 3-29-03   (1st maro)
Mark Messitt (pacer)  3-29-28   Richard Deeny  3-35-42   Carmel Ward  3-36-49
Joe Kiernan 3-37-03   Anthony Sheridan  3-39-54   Bartosz Sokolowki  3-41-33
Tom Cassidy  3-43-12   Mick McKenna  3-42-06   Martin Purcell  3-47-24
Maura Shaughnessy  3-47-21   Eva Tomonyiczka  3-51-07   Louise Heraghty  3-46-20
Gary ODaly  3-53-59  Jenny Bowers 3-56-59  Paul White 3-58-42 (1st sub 4)
Ronan Misteil  4-08-54
Suzanne Colgan  4-11-37   Ann McDonnell  4-10-21   Gary Power  4-16-14
Linda Colgan 4-17-22 Martina Harte  4-21-59  (1st maro)   Charles ODuffy  (100th maro)  4-23-57
Amy Byrne 4-26-37   Caroline Hynes  4-53-32
Anne Jennings  4-39-34  Gary Seery  4-38-31   Sharon Wilders (pacer)  4-49-47
Siobhan Mulvey  4-51-31  Sinead Morrissey 5-01-30  Andrew Jenkins  5-02-12   Niamh ODaly  5-09-07
Kathleen Cheshire  5-16-06   Stephen Mullin  5-22-40   Colin Doolan  5-41-37
Ann Marie Daly  5-42-21   Paulo Margellino  5-50-55   Nunza D'Ambrosio  6-16-07
Louise Hendrick  6-16-07 
Maura Dineen 70.3
Gregory O'Beirne  13-42 (10th)   Carmel Ward (1st lady)  13-47  Siobhan Mulvey 17-42
Rolando Espina  218km   (7th)   Rex Brillantes  149 km  (29th)
MALAHIDE    Siobhan Mulvey  29-13
GRIFFEEN   Gary ODaly 27-00  Niamh ODaly  29-55
ST ANNES   Gregory O'Beirne  22-11   Kevin Greene  23-47
photo credits : Ger-Greg- Helen-Paul Taffe- thanks to all others !
Image may contain: 7 people, including Aoife Scott, Gavin Tobin and Edel Mcdonnell, people smiling, outdoor

Image may contain: 6 people, including Ann Marie Daly, Siobhán Mulvey, Eva Tomonyiczka and Ann McDonnell, people smiling, shoes

Image may contain: 9 people, people smiling, outdoor

Image may contain: 15 people, including Helen Smith, Ann Marie Daly, Teresa Bradley Taaffe, Sinéad Morrissey, Siobhán Mulvey, Maura Shaughnessy, Dino Higgins, Paul White, Gavin Tobin and 3 others, people smiling, outdoor

Image may contain: 18 people, including Kathleen Cheshire, Ger Copeland, Suzanne Colgan, Linda Colgan, Lou Lovesrunning and Dino Higgins, people smiling, outdoor and close-up

Image may contain: 19 people, including Ger Copeland, people smiling, outdoor


Weekly Roundup Monday 21st of October 2019.

A relatively quiet week but still plenty of action and a few wins ! 
As ever, well done to all who put themselves out there and went for it.  Eva, Aoife and Ben raised the blue flag high on home ground at the Gaelforce 10k, and George takes first place in parkrun for a second week in a row.  Gary R went all continental with a sub 3.30 in Amsterdam, and John and Avril were sky scaping  again.  If we have missed you, let us know, everyone deserves a shout out !
It's DCM week, just another run but this is a big one. Keep up the training, long runs done, enjoy your taper, get to bed on time, no crazy food experements, keep the self belief, stand together  and keep it BLUE ! 

Here's the stats ! 


Aoife Scott   1st female        Ben Marsh   2nd male    Eva Tomonyicka  3rd female


Avril Calloner   5-55-17      Jonathan Dolan  7-03-28  


Gary Reinhardt    3h 28h 57s   


Maura Dineen  49m 54s 

MARLAY  Anthony Sheridan   20m37s

GRIFFEEN    George Brady 18m42s  (FIRST PLACE)  Niamh O'Daly  29m54s  Gary O'Daly  29m55s

ST ANNES   Gregory O'Beirne  21m48s   Kevin Greene  24m34s

FR COLLINS   Tom Prendergast 24m54s

RIVER VALLEY   Ann Marie Daly   31m28s

CORKAGH    Mark Conlon   20m57s

ROYAL CANAL KILCOCK  Colin Coolan 50m57s

Photo Credits, thanks to all !  
Image may contain: 7 people, including John Dolan, Aoife Scott and Eva Tomonyiczka, people smiling, outdoor

Weekly Roundup Monday 14th of October 2019.

Not a bad weekend at all, a hat trick of pb's at Chicago and two centuries. A very big congrats to all who pushed the boundaries this week and got the rewards.  Pb's for Suzanne, Caroline and Linda, Ger goes sub 3 again, Charles hit the 100 mark, but he has promised to do it all again at DCM so he can buy us all a pint.  Tom bags another 100 miler in Virginia in style coming 4th.   Safe travels to you all and see you soon on home ground.
The Grand Prix Series moved to Malahide for a 10 miler, we had a strong showing but have to wait for the official results.
Some nice parkrun results too, George bags a win and Dino a 3rd.

DCM is almost upon us. Keep up the training, keep the self belief, stand together  and keep it BLUE ! 

Here's the stats ! 

Ger Copeland 2-54-28        Joe Kiernan  3-32-56
Suzanne Colgan  3-55-23  (PB)  Caroline Hynes  4-10-56  (PB)
Linda Colgan 4-12-55 (PB)      Charles O'Duffy  4-12-00  (100th)
Gary Power  4-19-59    
Teresa Taaffe  6-09-40   Edel Kiernan  6-42-18

Tom Reynolds  29 hours  (4th place)

AHERN CUP 10 MILE (Clonliffe Grand Prix Series)
Tom Cassidy  71-27  Gregory O'Beirne 72-41

Malahide  Gregory O'Beirne  21-39  Siobhan Mulvey 28-25
Donabate  Dino Higgins  19-23  (3rd)
River Valley  Ann Marie Daly 31-52
Fairview  Kevin Greene  26-05
Corkagh  George Brady  18-48   (1st)    Mark Conlon 20-43  
                Colin Doolan  57-16
Royal Canal Kilcock  Niamh O'Daly   29-05

Photo credits= Ger- Greg- Maura- Dee- Paul & thanks to all !

Image may contain: 8 people, including Linda Colgan, Caroline Hynes, Ger Copeland, Charles O Duffy and Suzanne Colgan, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Image may contain: 8 people, including Deirdre O'Malley, Gary Power, Maura Shaughnessy, Charles O Duffy and Siobhán Mulvey, people smiling, outdoor

Weekly Roundup Monday 7th of October 2019.

A Fantastic weekend, EOI Lusk always delivers and then our very own race on Sunday. The Chalea Gonda 5 mile was a great success, many thanks to all that ran, marshalled, posted, advertised or helped in any way. The feedback has been very very positive. We had a worthy winner in Irish International Ian Conroy, our club champion is Ger Copeland and Avril Challoner was first lady with a storming performance. 

At Lusk, Geroge Brady took the honours in the full, Jenny Bowers took the 1/2 with 2nd, 3rd and 4th being taken by our boys in blue.  Carmel Ward and Ger Copeland won in the 10k and there's a mass of results in the 20 miler including a pb for Ann McDonnell. Well done to all!   

It's Chicago this weekend, all the very best to those travelling.

Dublin is nearly upon us, keep up the training, keep up the belief, and keep doing what you do in BLUE !  

Here's the stats ! 

EOI Lusk Full Marathon.            Saturday October 5th  

George Brady 3-14-24  (1st)      Gregory O’Beirne  3-27-23 (3rd)   

Enda Dunne  3-30-38   (4th)      Mark Conlon 3-58-26  (8th)  

EOI Lusk ½ Marathon.  

Keith Kirwin 1-38-38  (2nd)  Tom Cassidy 1-39-05  (3rd)  

Paul White 1-52-21  (4th)    Jenny Bowers 1-59-49  (7th First Lady !)

EOI Lusk  10k

Ger Copeland 39-10  (1st)   Carmel Ward 46-40 (3rd First Lady !)


EOI Lusk 20 Mile.

Darrell Reamsbottom  2-18-01  (9th)    Dino Higgins  2-22-58

Frank Mc Morrow  2-28-51    Eoin Robinson   2-30-11   

Gavin Tobin 2-41-17   Roy Mc Loughlin  2-46-53

Ann McDonnell    3-10-53 (PB)    Eva Tomonyiczka   2-55-10 (PB)

Sinead Morrissey  4-04-19   

Full results here !


Chaela Gonda 5 Mile  Sunday October 6th

Ger Copeland  32m 54s         Avril Challoner 35m 13s  (1st Lady!)

Eoin Robinson 35m 28s         Dino Higgins 36m 10s

Keith Kirwin 38m 25s             Gavin Tobin 38m 29s

Joe Kiernan 40m 38s              Katherine Marsh 40m 52s

Graham Ralph 41m 19s         Carmel Ward 41m 21s

Suzanne Colgan 44m 52s      Kevin Greene 46m 42s

Gary Power 47m 11s             Stephen Mullin 53m 54s

Eva Tomomyiczka 66m 32s  Edel Kiernan 90m 12s

Teresa Taaffe 96m 20s

Full results here !


parkrun Saturday October 5th

Griffeen             Niamh ODaly  35-12

Collins Park       Kevin Greene  24-06   Tom Prendergast  27-47

Bushy                 Anthony Sheridan  20-43

 Quin Co Clare 20 Mile.    Saturday October 5th.

Maura Shaughnessy     2-55-57

Longwood ¾ Marathon  Sunday October 6th.

Mark Messitt    2-44-50   (pacer)          Siobhan Mulvey   3-45-03

Pulse TriAthlon Ironman

Michael Gonda  10h11m05s

Run From The Crum Ultra.

Charles ODuffy and Teresa Taffee  50 miles 

If we have missed you or your result let us know !!

Photo Credits: Thanks to all !

 Image may contain: 4 people, including Carmel Ward, Ger Copeland and Paul White, people smiling, child and outdoor

Image may contain: Siobhán Mulvey and Charles O Duffy, people smiling, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: Helen Smith and Philips Miles, people smiling, outdoor and nature

.Weekly Roundup Monday 30th September 2019.

Which is better? To run longer? Faster? A new PB? To go further than you ever have before? Head out training with friends? Or run alone?  We have all of these this week ! Massive performances on top of all of the usual great and wonderful stuff you all get up to. 

We don't want to single anyone out for special praise, but sub 3 hours is always worth a shout out, Ger Copeland and Mark Messitt take a bow. Jenny Bowers enters the sub 4 hour group. Our Spartathlon warriors Alaistair Higgins, Anne Jennings and Rolando Espina, what can we say, big boys races indeed ! 

This Saturday we have EOI Lusk, and right after on Sunday our very own 5 miler.  Keep the push for sign ups. It's a great route and fab event, being in the Autumn this year adds an extra edge to the run this time and it should be special. 

Keep up the training ! Keep on doing what you do and do it in BLUE ! 

Here's the stats, they speak for themselves. If we have missed you, let us know ! Read to the end, there will be questions later !  


Alaistair Higgins  25h 48m 39 s  (4th)    Rolando Espina  32h 26m 45s  Anne Jennings 35h 30m 37s


Anthony Sheridan 6h 15m 00s


John Dolan 6h 30m 05s  (14th)  


Ger Copeland 2h 49m 16s   Mark Messitt  2h 57m 57s  (pb)  Graham Ralph  3h 27m 07s

Jenny Bowers 3h 52m 32s (pb) Caroline Hynes  4h 29m 00s   Dashe Jordan 6h 14m 45s (pb) 


Day 1,

Charles ODuffy  4h 48m 45s   Kathleen Cheshire  6h 27m 14s

Day 2,

Gregory O'Beirne  3m 38m 42s   Charles ODuffy 6h 26m 31s  Kathleen Cheshire 6h 26m 32s


George Brady 37m 31s (4th in race)   Gregory O'Beirne 43m 47s  (2nd in handicap) 

Tom Cassidy 43m 51s  Carmel Ward 46m 51s  Eva Tomonyiczka  47m 31s  

Maura Shaughnessy 48m 22s  


Anthony Sheridan 16m 20s


Anthony Sheridan 20m 47s


Malahide   Siobhan Mulvey 27m 34s

Griffeen  Niamh ODaly 29m 23s

St Annes  Gregory O'Beirne  22m 12s

Collins Park  Ann Mc Donnell  25m 12s (4th lady)

Fairview  Kevin Greene  25m 27s

Corkagh  Mark Conlon  21m 03s (5th)   Colin Doolan  26m 45s


Dino Higgins  39m 38s  5th  (pb)


Keith Kirwin 1h 31m 00s   Eva Tomonyiczka  1h 50m 00s   Colin Doolan 1h 58m 00s   

Photo credits:  Thanks to all ! 

Image may contain: 3 people, including Eva Tomonyiczka, people smiling, outdoor

Image may contain: 13 people, including Mark Messitt, John Dolan, Anne Jennings, Ger Copeland, Paul White, Carmel Ward, Caroline Hynes, Maura Shaughnessy, Charles O Duffy and Kathleen Cheshire, people smiling, selfie, close-up and outdoor

Image may contain: 9 people, including Deirdre O'Malley, Eva Tomonyiczka, Edel Mcdonnell and Anthony Sheridan, people smiling, outdoor

. DBRC  5 mile at Howth 2018 Chaela Gonda mem

Weekly Roundup Monday 23rd of September 2019.


The big event this week was the Dublin Half Marathon.  This race is an important milestone for many in preparation for the Dublin Marathon. Well done and zuper congrats to all who took part, be proud of your result and we hope you achieved your goal, and wherever you are , you can push on from here for sure.  Commiserations to those who missed out through injury and we hope you are back on the roads soon. There were some fine results, and a pb for Darrell is worth a mention.  

Elsewhere, at the Listowell 12 hour endurance event, Rex Brillantes had a great win. Congrats and well done !

This time of year always feels like the business end of things, with DCM looming, but so many other races are still to come, we have entrants in Berlin, Chicago, Monaghan, the Mourne Skyline, Spartathlon and of course Lusk.

Please keep up the drive to promote the 5 miler, It's our club race, every entry counts 

Here's the stats! 


Darrell Reamsbottom  1-25-35  (pb)  George Brady 1-28-10  Frank Mc Morrow  1-22-24

Eoin Robinson 1-33-01     Gary Reinhardt  1-36-55

Gregory O'Beirne  1-38-49  Mark Messitt  1-40-00 (pacer)  Mark Conlon 1-42-47

Anthony Sheridan 1-44-07  Louise Heraghty  1-43-41 (pb)  Maura Shaughnessy  1-51-21

Eva Tomonyiczka 1-53-01  Linda Colgan  1-59-13  Paul White  2-02-03

Ann McDonnell  2-02-01  Keith Kirwin 2-11-26  Ann Marie Daly  2-21-10

Colin Doolan 2-15-21  Siobhan Mulvey  2-19-15  Stephen Mullin  2-24-08  

Clodagh Brewer  2-25-56  Sinead Morrissey  2-35-09  Tata Neri 2-54-45 

Charles ODuffy 3-17-59


Siobhan Mulvey 8-02    Jenny Bowers 8-06 (pacer)


Rex Brillantes  1st place.


Griffeen:  Gary ODaly  22-24

St Annes: Kevin Greene 24-31

Uditore:  Niamh ODaly  32-29

Photo Credits:  Helen- Greg- Teresa- Sinead -Thanks to all others !

Image may contain: 12 people, including Lou Lovesrunning, Helen Smith, Siobhán Mulvey, Paul White, Mark Messitt, Ann McDonnell and Gavin Tobin, people smiling, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: 9 people, including Rex Brillantes, Helen Smith, Lou Lovesrunning and Gary Reinhardt, people smiling, outdoor

Weekly Roundup Monday 16th of September.  

All action as usual !  As one race series ends another re-starts, mid week and weekend marathons and piles of other races. 

The drive to promote the 5 miler in October continues, thanks to all for helping and please do keep it up. It's a busy time of year for races and every entry counts ! 

Well done to all on the crackin' results shown below, keep up the good work, and keep that D.C.M. training up!  

Here's the stats! 

Jim Wall Memorial Cup 2 Mile Handicap Tuesday 10th  

Gregory O'Beirne  age cat winner 20th  

Siobhan Mulvey  22nd  

Carmel Ward   51st   



EOI Midweek Marathon Clontarf  Wednesday 12th

Tom Cassidy  (1st place)  3-52-13

Charles O'Duffy  (5th)   4-23-38

Grand Prix Series Walker Cup 4 mile  Thursday 13th

Carmel Ward 28.50

Gregory O’Beirne 29.57 (extra lap!)

Siobhan Mulvey 32.39

Medieval Marathon KIlkenny Saturday  14th

Geroge Brady 3.18.35  (4th)   Joe Kiernan  3.58.36  

Donadea Duathlon Race Series.Saturday 14th

Gary ODaly  1.17.41  (61st)

East of Ireland Longwood Races Saturday 14th.


Mark Conlon 4-26-59     Helen Smith  4-35-21

Half Marathon:

Dino Higgnins (1st)  1-29-42    Keith Kirwin (3rd) 1-37-59

Roy McLoughlin (6th)  1-40-45   Carmel Ward (7th)  1-42-02  

20 Mile:

Ger Copeland (1st)  2-19-03  Eoin Robinson (4th) 2-40-04

Aoife Scott  2-49-57  Sinead Morrissey 4-09-07

Eva Tomonyiczka  4-17-15   

Parkrun.   Saturday 14th

St Annes:  Gregory O'Beirne  20-51  (PB)

Naas:  Colin Doolan  28-24

Darndale:  Kevin Greene  24-12 (4th)

Tyrrelstown   Niamh ODaly  28-49

Marlay   Bartek Sokolowski  22-11

Kilomarathon  Wicklow

Mark Messit  2-00-00 (Pacer) 

Image may contain: 5 people, including Helen Smith and Sinéad Morrissey, people smiling

Image may contain: 8 people, including Gary Reinhardt, Carmel Ward and Siobhán Mulvey, people smiling, people playing sport and outdoor

WEEKLY ROUNDUP Monday 9th September 2019

Hi and good evening to all you in Blue !  Last weeks results have been updated with the results for EOI event, again well done to all.   Nice results including some pb's.

It has been a busy week again to report on, great results, and good numbers at training. Keep up the good work and let's make big push on promoting the 5 miler in October !

Welcome back Mr Copeland, with a zuper 2nd place at Dingle and congrats to all who made the long journey to compete and represent the Club.  Carmel couldn't make the parkrun to get her three in a row but took a handy 4th place in the Bull Run 4 mile on Sunday instead.  Avril was sky scraping again running on the mountains.

DCM is fast approaching, but there is so much racing still to do before this, with at least three EOI events and the Monaghan weekend (28th/29th) plus the re-start of the Grand Prix series this week in Sanry on Thursday 12th.

The Dublin Half Marathon is on next week October 21st.   Some club members missed out on numbers so if you are unale to attend or not going to run, you know where to post !

Everyone deserves a shout out. If we have missed you, let us know and we will gladly pop you in there.  Lastly, Ger finally received his medal for the Dublin Marathon last year, 3rd place in age cat. Well done Sir and nice to get it, even if the delivery service was a trifle slow, we guess they couldn't catch up to you!

! Whatever you do, do it in BLUE !

Here's the stats ! 


Ger Copeland 2-52-21  (2nd place)    Maura Shaughnessy  4-1-06 

Teresa Taaffe  6-12-12


Stephen Boyne  1-35-23

Aoife Scott 1-39-41

Graham Ralph 1-45-48

Caroline Hynes  1-57-44   Dashe Jordan  2-43-42


Gregory O’Beirne 3.44.07  (6th)

IMRA REEKS SKYLINE  Saturday 7th  (30k +8500ft elv)

Avril Challoner  6-47-45   (2nd lady)

The Bull Run 4 Mile St Annes

Carmel Ward 28m 47s   911th place / 4th lady )


Anthony Sheridan:  33m 32s   Gary ODaly  36m 30s

Stephen Mullin  44m 10s    Niamh McGoldrick  46m 36s

PARKRUN  Saturday 7th

Marlay:  Anthony Sheridan  20m 38s

St Annes: Gregory O’Beirne 21m 54s   Kevin Greene   24m 13s

Crissy Field:  Siobhan Mulvey  27m 29s

Collins Park:  Tom Prendergast 28m 36s

Corkagh:  Mark Conlon 21m 02s  Colin Doolan 29m 02s

Deerpark Forest:  Niamh ODaly  33m 55s

THE LAKES 10K  Saturday 7th

Mark Messitt  44-33 (pacer)

LORD MAYORS SERIES Round 13 Tuesday 3rd

Carmel Ward 13-41   (age cat winner) 

Siobhan Mulvey 17-04    Gregory O’Beirne 17-05

Image may contain: 5 people, including Carmel Ward, Niamh McGoldrick, Stephen Mullin and Gary O'Daly, people smiling, outdoor

Image may contain: 7 people, including Caroline Hynes, Maura Shaughnessy and Ann McDonnell, people smiling, outdoor

Weekly roundup Monday 2nd September 2019   !!!NOW UPDATED !!!!!

Hi folks, quite a busy week, all ending with the EOI event in Tirmoghan where we had a massive DBRC turnout over all the distances. The EOI results aren't up just yet, so we'll have to update on this later, for now here's the rest of the facts and figures.

Carmel Ward 1st lady at Collins Park 2nd week in a row, Tom Reynolds conquers the Alps, Stephen Butler has a hat trick of wins and Darrell Reamsbottom has a fine age catagory win in the Portmarnock 5 mile

Please keep the drive for publicity on the 5 miler.  It's your club and your club race and we all want it to be the success it always is. Every little bit helps !

Well done to all and don't forget whatever you do , do it in BLUE !

East Of Ireland Results ! Tirmoglin . 


Charles ODuffy                 4.19.28

Gary ODaly                        4.58.12


Anne Jennings                   4.38.29 (1st lady)

Gregory O’Beirne             4.42.10  (5th)


George Brady                    1.23.04  (2nd)

Dino Higgins                      1.29.57  (4th)

Frank Mc Morrow            1.30.59   (5th)

Mark Hughes                    1.31.02 (6th)

Tom Cassidy                      1.41.54

Paul White                         1.45.04

Aoife Scott                         1.46.30  (2nd lady) 

Jenny Bowers                    1.49.42 (3rd lady)

Ann McDonnell                 2.33.12


Mark Messitt                     2.19.08  (2nd)

Darrell Reamsbottom     2.20.28 (3rd)

Eva Tomonyiczka              3.04.11  (5th lady )

Graham Ralph                   4.02.26


Portmarnock 5 mile and 5 k.


Darrell Reamsbottom  32m 21s  (age cat Win)   Joe Cole  36m 27s  Aoife Scott  37m 07s

Carmel Ward  37m 42s  Gregory O'Beirne 37m 55s  Gary Power  38m18s

Jenny Bowers  39m 21s  Eva Tomonyiczka 39m 44m  Charles ODuffy 40m 53s

Anne Lyons  41m 19s   Kevin Greene 43m 07s  Ann McDonnell 43m 34s   

Martina Coffey  43m 48s  Linda Colgan 44m 39s  Ann Marie Daly 48m 58s

Josei Power 50m 08s  Sinead Morrissey  58m 58s 

5 K

Stephen Butler  17m 10s (1st place)   Suzanne Colgan 24m 27s


Stephen Butler 10m 44s  (1st place)  Tom Cassidy 13m 15s  (age cat win)

Carmel Ward 13m 50s  (age cat win)  Gregory O'Beirne 13m 51s


Naimh ODaly 29m 38s

UTMB ULTRA  (171km)

Tom Reynolds  38h 57m 05s  (586th)


Malahide:  Siobham Mulvey   27m 01s

Marley:   Anthony Sheridan  21m 08s

Collins Park: Carmel Ward 22m 19s (1st lady !)  Kevin Greene 24m 02s

Castletown:  Niamh ODaly  30m 19s

Corkagh:  Mark Conlon 22m 21s


Stephen Butler 17m 20s  (1st place)    Jenny Bowers 23m 40s 

Again, congrats to all. 

Photo credits : Thanks to all ! 

Image may contain: Ger Copeland, smiling, outdoor

Image may contain: 5 people, including Niamh McGoldrick, Gary O'Daly, Deirdre O'Malley and Carmel Ward, people smiling, people standing, child, outdoor and nature

Weekly Roundup Tuesday 27th of August 2019.

Hi folks, sooo much to report this week.  Just about every format was covered from 2 miles to mountain races to marathons and Triathlons. 

We will let the list of results speak for themselves  but just a few mentions.

Zuper congrats to George Brady on a PB in the Longford Ultra and 2nd place overall. 

Gary Power on a marathon pb at Longford also.

Carmel Ward on being first lady at fr Collins parkrun.

Tom Cassidy on an age catagory win in the Lord Mayors 2 mile

And how about John O'Mahony and Maura Dineen taking on the Iron man event in Dun Laoghaire,

Fab. stuff and congrats to all.

Here's the stats ! 

If you know anything we should know about, let us know ! 


The DBRC  Chaela Gonda 5 mile date has been annouced for Sunday the 6th of October. It's a classic race over a great course on the roads and trails of Howth Head.  Please everyone throw in your support by promoting the event, running or volunteering on the day. 


Here's the stats ! 


St Annes:   Kevin Greene 24m 23s

Fr Collins: Carmel Ward  22m 03 s  ***1st Lady !    Tom prendergast  29m 27s

Templemore:  Ann Mc Donnell  28m 12s

Corkagh:  Mark Conlon  23m  58 s


Alistair Higgins  2h 43m 17s  (4th )   Keith Kirwin 3h 34m 25s   

Gregory O'Beirne 3h 36m 07s   Joe Kiernan 3h 35m 24s

Carmel Ward  Gary Power 4h 13m 42 s  (PB)


George Brady 5h 08m 30 s   (2ND)

Frank Duffy 10 mile.

Frank Mc Morrow  1m 11m 50s   Anthony Sheridan 1h 18m 23s  Ronan Misteil 1h 24m 44s

Eva Tomonyiczka  1h 32m 20s  Amy Byrne 1h 40m 11s  Colin Doolan 1h 37m 18s

Stephen Mullin 1h 41m 52s  Linda Colgan 1h 53m 07s  Clodagh Brewer 2h 03m 32 s 

Darrell Reamsbottom 1h 06m 22s


Gary ODaly  21m 04s  Colin Doolan 25m 44s  Niamh ODaly 28m 25s


Stephen Butler 10m 51s  (1st)  Tom cassidy 13m 25s  (age cat win) 

Gregory O'Beirne 13m 42s  Paul White 14m 04s  Siobhan Mulvey 16m 41s  




Louise Heragy  1h 33m 09s

BRIDGE TO BRIDGE 12K San Francisco 

Caroline Hynes 

Congrats and well done to all, whatever you do, do it in BLUE and keep us posted on your adventures !

Photo credits. Paul Taffe, Louise, Darrell ,  Gary ODaly,  Thanks to all others ! 

Image may contain: 12 people, including Carmel Ward, Caroline Hynes, Gary Power, Teresa Bradley Taaffe and Lou Lovesrunning, people smiling, outdoor

Image may contain: 6 people, including Suzanne Colgan and Eva Tomonyiczka, people smiling, child and outdoor

Weekly Roundup Monday 19th of August 2019.

An unusually quiet week ! But we know for many it's head down time with the Dublin Marathon training in full swing and Berlin and other events on the doorstep. Best of running to everyone and remember if training hard to recover well and don't risk an injury. Your race will be a lap of honour as you gain the reward for all the good work.   So here's what we know about for this week. If you know anything we should know about, let us know ! 

The DBRC  Chaela Gonda 5 mile date has been annouced for Sunday the 6th of October. It's a classic race over a great course on the roads and trails of Howth Head.  Please everyone throw in your support by promoting the event, running or volunteering on the day. 


Here's the stats ! 


Malahide:  Keith Kirwin  19m 28s

Collins Park:  Sarah Gahan 23m 42s (1st lady)  Kevin Greene  23m 52s  Ann Mc Donnell 25m 13s

Castletown:  Gary ODaly 22m 19s  Niamh ODaly  30m 22 s

River Valley:  Ann Marie Daly  30m 13s

Corkagh:  George Brady 18m 20s  (4th)  Mark Conlon 22m 49s  Colin Doolan 29m 14s

Poolbeg:  Stephen Egan 21m 38s

KILCOCK 10 from 10 (10 mile race) 

Gary ODaly 1h 14m 27s    Eva Tomonyiczka  1h  26m 37 s   Colin Doolan  1h 30m 43s

Niamh ODaly 1h 35m 11s   

Congrats and well done to all, whatever you do, do it in BLUE and keep us posted on your adventures !

Photo credits. Helen Smith , Ger Copeland, Gary ODaly. Thanks to all...

Image may contain: 9 people, including Gary O'Daly, Kevin Greene, Eva Tomonyiczka, Niamh McGoldrick and Helen Smith, people smiling, outdoor

No photo description available.


Weekly Roundup Monday 12th of August 2019.

Lots to report on, it was a Rock N Roll weekend in Dublin with a big DBRC turnout and over in the West the Conn 100 miler started and ended in an amazing time with Rex finishing in under 17 hours in 2nd, Darren just over 18 hours in 5th and Anne in 7th (2nd lady) in a handy 18 and a half hours. Truly massive and inspirational stuff and a very special Zuper Congrats to all three !  Fancy taking it on? Never say never ! 

Here's the stats ! 

Connemara 100.

Rex Brillantes  16h 54m 20s (PB)  2nd place.  Darren Sheridan 18h 15m 33s 5th place.

Anne Jennings 18m 25m 13s 7th place (2nd lady).

Rock N Roll Half Marathon.   

Darrell Reamsbottom 1.28.29   Mark Messitt 1.29.31  (pacer)  Eoin Robinson  1.37.14   

Carmel Ward  1.42.25   Michael Gonda 1.44.46 

Suzanne Colgan  1.47.05   Maura Shaughnessy 1.52.53  

Eva Tomonyickza  1.56.34  Charles ODuffy  1.57.20  Gary Power 2.02.06   Linda Colgan  2.04.04  

Stephen Mullin  2.12.39   Sharon Wilder  2.29.41   

Rock N Roll 5k

Maura Shaughnessy 24.40

Gael Force 10k Kippure

Gayne Patton 1.27.10   Siobhan Mulvey  1.30.41

Lord Mayors Series Round 9.

Carmel Ward  13m 22s  Gregory O'Beirne 13m 27s  Siobhan Mulvey 17m 06s


Marley:  Anthony Sheridan 20m 27s (18th) 

Griffeen: Gary ODaly 21m 28s  Niamh ODaly 30m 35s

St Annes:  Kevin Greene 25m 39s

River Valley: Keith Kirwan 20m 43s (2nd)

Corkagh:  Michael Gonda  20m 47s  Colin Doolan 27m 25s  

Congrats and well done to all, whatever you do, do it in BLUE and keep us posted on your adventures !

Photo credits. Paul Taffe. Gary ODaly. Thanks to all...

Image may contain: 15 people, including Darren Sheridan, Paul White, Ann McDonnell, Anne Jennings, Rex Brillantes, Helen Smith, Siobhán Mulvey, Gayle Patton and Carmel Ward, people smiling

Image may contain: 5 people, including Teresa Bradley Taaffe and Sharon Connell Wilders, people smiling, outdoor and nature

Weekly Roundup Monday 5th of August 2019.

Here's this weeks roundup folks, thanks to all who sent in pics etc, always great to see what ye are all up to.

Special mention this week for Joe Kiernan and good freind of the club Edel McDonnell, Joe completed his 95th marathon this weekend and Edel her 11th.  Zuper story and congrats to both. 

Great to see numbers up at training, it's about 12 weeks or so to Dublin, it's great to see the amount of preparation going in,  and there's still a pile of racing to be done before then, with Longford, Staplestown and Lusk to name a few. Keep up the good work.

Here's the stats...

Lord Mayors Round 8.

Stephen Butler  10m27s (2nd),  Carmel Ward 13m41s (age cat winner),   Gregory O'Beirne 13m59s

Siobhan Mulvey 16m58s (age cat winner), Sinead Morrissey 18m26s

MID WEEK E.O.I. Marathon.

Anne Jennings 4h 14m 34s (4th overall/1st lady)  Tom Cassidy 4h 34m 37s 

Charles ODuffy 4m 43s 49m

CELTIC WARRIOR Day 2 Marathon.

Joe Kiernan 3h 46m 12s  (95th marathon)


Malahide   Siobhan Mulvey  26m 12s 

Griffeen   Gary ODaly  22m 35s   Nianh ODaly  29m 24s

St Annes  Stephen Butler 17m 11s **PB  (4th),   Gregory O'Beirne  20m 57s  **PB 

Collins Park   Sarah Gahan  24m 31s  

Donabate  Keith Kirwin  20m 00s  (5th)

Corkagh  Mark Conlon  21m 44s  (6th)


Anthony Sheridan  42m 30s   Kevin Greene 52m 03s Eva Tomonyiczka  52m 12s  

Congrats and well done to all, if we missed you, let us know !  And whatever you do, do it in BLUE !

Photo credits:  thanks to all.

Image may contain: 8 people, including Helen Smith, Deirdre O'Malley, Sinéad Morrissey, Siobhán Mulvey, Ger Copeland, Carmel Ward and Edel Mcdonnell, people smiling, outdoor

Weekly Roundup Monday 29th of July 2019.

Marathon weekend is always special and all the more so when it's East Of Ireland  Marathon Weekend. All the action was in Longwood Co. Meath. We had a fab. turnout from DBRC and some great results.  Ger Copeland is back,  winning in the 5k (welcome back!) whilst George Brady came first in the 1/2 and Mark Messit won the 20 mile all in zuper times. 

In the main event Gregory O'Beirne was 3rd with a pb and Carmel Ward was 2nd lady.  Ann Jennings completed her 100th marathon and Roy Mc Loughlin his first !

Well done to all who took part, but that's not all, here's the week that was in it, and it was some week ! So get reading, there will be questions later at training ! 

Note Tom Reynolds in the 100 miler and Avril and John touching the sky in Donegal !

Tuesday: Lord Mayors Series round 7.

Stephen Butler 10m33s (2nd)  Gregory O'Beirne 13m 22s 

Carmel Ward 13m 38s  Siobhan Mulvey 16m 22s 

Dunboyne AC Trail run 6k

Gary ODaly 27m 58s  Niamh ODaly  39m 37s.

Dublin Airport Central 5k.

Siobhan Mulvey 28m 27s

Grand Prix Series Round 11,  Santry Stadium. Middlesex Cup 5000m handicap .

Gregory O'Beirne, (Winner),  Joe Cole (welcome back Joe) Kevin Greene ,

Maura Shaughnessy, Sinead Morrisey.

Thanks for support Tom cassidy, Paul White, Helen Smith, Siobhan Mulvey.



Gregory O'Beirne 3h 26m 02s (PB)  3rd,   Carmel Ward 3h 48s 47m (2nd lady) 

Roy Mc Loughlin 3h 54m 00s  (10th)  Anne Jennings 4m 00m 31s (100th Marathon!) 

Charles ODuffy 4h 37m 12s  Mark Conlon 4h 49m 42s

20 MILE.

Mark Mesitt (1st)  2h 15m 25s


George Brady 1h 27m 19s (1st)  Keith Kirwin 1h 32m 07s (2nd) Eoin Robinson 1h 41m48s

Tom Cassidy 1h 45m 25s  Graham Ralph 1h 46m 31s  Paul White 1h 50m 26s

Maura Shaughnessy 1h 51m 27s  Jenny Bowers 1h 53m 02s  Eva Tomonyiczka 1h 59m 29s

Ann Mc Donnell 2h 17m 37s  Gary Power 2h 23m 38s  Dashe Jordan 2h 33m 49s 

Pat Mc Loughlin 2h 36m 36s

5k Ger Copeland (1st) 17m 58s

SEVEN SISTERS SKYLINE 53 km race over Mount Errigal.

Avril Challoner 10h 37m 52s  John Dolan 13h 13m 00s


Tom Reynolds (77th)  30h 57m 05s


Colin Doolan.  Gary ODaly.


Fairview;  Niamh ODaly 30m 20s

Dungloe:  Kevin Greene 25m 37s

Collins Park: Sarah Gahan 24m 28s

Marlay: Bartek Sokolowski  21m 38s

Malahide: Siobhan Mulvey 26m 51s 

Congrats and well done to all, if we missed you, let us know !

Photo credits:  thanks to all.

Image may contain: 5 people, including Dashe Jordan and Paul White, people smiling, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: 13 people, including Ger Copeland, Caroline Hynes, John Dolan and Dashe Jordan, people smiling

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Image may contain: 10 people, including Siobhán Mulvey, Gary O'Daly and Niamh McGoldrick, people smiling

Image may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor and nature

. DBRC  5 mile at Howth 2018 Chaela Gonda mem.

Weekly Roundup Monday 22nd of July 2019.

It's quiet in the Summer? Seemingly not, and we'll bet this is only half of what went on ! Keep us posted on what you do in blue ! 

Tuesday: Lord Mayors Series round 6.

Carmel Ward 13m 23s (3rd lady overall), Gregory O'Beirne 13m 33s Siobhan Mulvey 16m 56s 

Liberties 4 mile.

Anthony Sheridan 25m 51s   Ronan Misteil 29m 14s 

Run Killarney 1/2 Marathon:   Roy Mc Loughlan  1h 39m 04 s

South Dublin 10k (Marathon series) 

Keith Kirwin 40m 58s  Eva Tomonyiczka 43m 00s  Carmel Ward 45m 53s 

Colin Dolan 53m 56s  Ann Marie Daly 63m 10s  Clodagh Brewer  74m 23s

MCI Marathon  Bracknagh (day 1)

Joe Kiernan 3h 59m 01s   Rolando Espina  4h 13m 54s  Anne Jennings 4h 14m 02s 

parkrun !

MALAHIDE:  Siobhan Mulvey 26m 22s

GRIFFEEN:  Gary ODaly 22m 18s  Colin Doolan 25m 48s  Niamh ODaly 31m 03s  (250th parkrun !!)

COLLINS PARK:  Gregory O'Beirne 21m 28s (course pb)  Ann Mc Donnell  25m 00s 

BUSHY PARK:  Anthony Sheridan  20m 18s 

DARNDALE:  Kevin Greene  23m 55s  (9th)  

Congrats and well done to all ! 

Photo credits: Mile Gonda / thanks to all.

Image may contain: 10 people, including Ger Copeland, Sinéad Morrissey, Ann Marie Daly, Suzanne Colgan, Ann McDonnell and Roy McLoughlin, people smiling, outdoor

Image may contain: 10 people, including Sinéad Morrissey, Rolando Espina, Roy McLoughlin and Ger Copeland, people smiling

. DBRC  5 mile at Howth 2018 Chaela Gonda mem.

Weekly Roundup Monday 15th of July 2019.

Here's a taste of what happened this week wonderful people ! Great performances and well done to all. Some good times posted in the Irish Runner 10 mile.  Keep us informed about what you do, and make sure you do it in BLUE ! 

Longwood is approaching fast and we won't feel it before Lusk and Dublin are upon us! Don't forget Lanza in December !

Tuesday: Lord Mayors Series.

Stephen Butler 10m 38s  Carmel Ward 13m 10s (1st in catagory) Tom Cassidy 13m 22s 

Gregory O'Beirne 13m 31s Siobhan Mulvey 17m 19s 

Thursday: Grand Prix Series 1500m Santry.

No times posted yet, well done all who competed.  Sinead Morrisey - Siobhan Mulvey - Maura Shaughnessy - Eva Tomonyiczka - Ann Mc Donnell - Tom Cassidy.

Saturday:  Irish Runner 10 Mile Phoenix Park.

Darrell Reamsbottom  1h 07m 28s  Richard Deeney 1h 08m 30s  Mark Messitt 1h 29m 59 s (Pacer) 

Frank McMorrow 1h 13m 31s  Siobhan Mulvey 1h 38m 57 s (PB)

Congrats and well done to Rex Brillantes for completing the 21km trail race at San Mateo Philippines.

Also congrats and well done to Caroline Hynes and Maura Dineen in the 12k Race Accross the Bay (San Francisco USA).

parkrun !

COLLINS PARK:  Katherine Marsh 21m 35s (1st lady!)   Gregory O'Beirne 22m 18s  

Eva Tomonyiczka 23m 10s  Kevin Greene 23m 57s  Ann Mc Donnell 25m 30s  Sarah Gahan 25m 40s

DONABATE:  Keith Kirwin  19m 58 s (5th)

CORKAGH: Colin Doolan  31m 58s 

WESTPARK:  Gary ODaly  23m 12s  Niamh ODaly 30m 31s

NARIN BEACH:  Aoibheann Gaughran  29m 11s  (come back Aoibheann!)

ARDGILLAN:  Joe Kiernan 21m 22s  (PB)

Once again Zuper Congrats and well done. 

Photo credits: Darrell/Siobhan/ Theresa B/ thanks to all.

Image may contain: 8 people, including Caroline Hynes, Ann McDonnell, Kevin Greene and Siobhán Mulvey, people smiling, child and outdoor

Image may contain: 5 people, including Gary O'Daly, Niamh McGoldrick and Gary Seery, people smiling, outdoor

Weekly Roundup Monday 8th July 2019.

So much to list this week, stay to the end it's worth it ! 

TUESDAY saw Round 4 of the Lord Mayors Series. Wins again for Steo Butler, 1st overall and Carmel Ward in age catagory.

Steo Butler 10m 40s  (1st)  Carmel Ward 13m 09s  Siobhan Mulvey 16m 45s

WEDNESDAY brought the East Of Ireland Mid Week Marathon at Clontarf. 

We had wins for Barry Casserly and Anne Jennings ! 

Barry Casserly 3h 16m 56s (1st)  Anne Jennings 4h 09m 07s  (4th/1st lady)  Charles O'Duffy 4h 43m 22s

THURSDAY brought the Grand Prix crew to Malahide for the 40th Michael Murphy 5 mile classic. Times not available yet but here's the finishing order and well done all.

Carmel Ward. Gregory O'Beirne. Maura Shaughnessy. Kevin Greene. Ann McDonnell. Sinead Morrissey. Thanks to Jennifer Sharkey and Paul White for support.

SATURDAY saw the BWW half marathon and 5 mile. We had a great days racing and some excellent results. 

Half Maro:

George Brady 1h 27m52s (24th)  Darryl Reamsbottom 1h 30m 46s (51st)  Mark Messit 1h 30m 01s (pacer)  Steo Butler 1h 30m 01s (pacer) Gregory O'Beirne 1h 41m 45s . Carmel Ward 1h 44m 59s . Charles O'Duffy 1h 58m 52s  Amy Byrne 2h 02m 09s

5 Mile:

Katherine Marsh 37m 37s   Siobhan Mulvey 46m 30 s

A big shout out and zuper congrats to Maura Dineen on taking on and completing the full Iron  Man event in Austria this weekend. Well done on a zuper achievement.

Congrats go to Maura Shaughnessy in the Achill half marathon, 1h 51m 05s, great time.

Finally, parkrun.

Malahide:  Keith Kirwin  19m 40s

St. Annes:  Kevin Greene 26m 00s

Corkagh:  Colin Doolan  22m 28s

Wohrder See: Gary ODaly  22m 28s  Niamh ODaly 29m 14s

Well done to all, keep on doing what you do and in BLUE ! 

Image may contain: 3 people, including Charles O Duffy and Steo Butler, people smiling, child, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: 12 people, including Maura Shaughnessy and Caroline Hynes, people smiling, outdoor

WEEKLY ROUNDUP !  Monday 1st of July 2019.

It seemed quiet, until it's all listed !  If we have missed you, please let us know, and remember to reg as Dublin Bay or DBRC for races or we can't see you  ! :)

The Lord Mayor Series continued on Tuesday.  Carmel Ward finished first in catagory for the third week in  a row and Stephen Butler took second on the night overall.

Stephen Butler  10.21  (2nd)  Darrell reamsbottom 12.11  Carmel Ward 13.39   Siobhan Mulvey 17.13

We want to throw a big zuper congrats to Sinead Morrissey for completing her first full tri-athlon, consisting of 1500m swim, 40k bike and 10.5km run in a time of 4.02.47.  Well done Sinead!

Congrats and well done also go to...

Maura Shaughnessy Dunboyne 10km  48m22s

Tom Reynolds Mont Blanc 90km  (6200m elevation)  21h40m

Kathleen Cheshire 30m59s  Paddy Cheshire memorial 5k Dundalk.

Darrell Reamsbotton 10km Summer Series Malahide.

Darren Sherridan Midsummer Madness Marathon Cyprus 4.02.00


Malahide:  Keith Kirwin 19m28s  Siobhan Mulvey  28m08s

Griffeen:  George Brady  19m48s  (7th)

St Annes:  Kevin Greene 24m42s

Royal Canal:  Niamh ODaly  27m44s

Well done to all. Keep us posted on what you do !  And wear the BLUE ! 

photo credits; thanks to all.

Image may contain: 9 people, including Maura Shaughnessy, Steo Butler, Tom Reynolds, Helen Smith and Rolando Espina, people smiling, outdoor

Image may contain: 6 people, including Helen Smith, Sinéad Morrissey and Kathleen Cheshire, people smiling, outdoor

WEEKLY ROUNDUP  ! Monday 24th of June 2019.

Great week for the best little running club in Ireland. 

The racing week started on Tuesday at the Lord Mayors series and for the second week in a row Steo and Carmel take honours !

Steo Butler 10.27  1st overall  Carmel Ward 13.09  1st in catagory  Katherine Marsh 13.38  

Gregory O'Beirne 13.48  Sinead Morrissey 20.00

On Thursday the Grand Prix Crew were back in Santry Stadium, this time for a testing 800 metre trial.  Very interesting night was the general opinion, tactics were much in discussion, but there was no disputing Ann Mc Donnells 2nd place in the handicap. Well done ANN !  

Also on Thursday the Docklands 5k took place on the  Dublin City Quays. We picked out a few of ye from the results ..

Anthony Sheridan 19.49  Suzanne Colgan 23.59 (PB) Jennifer Bowers  26.26

On Friday, Gary ODaly got stuck into the Royal Canal Challange. 

Gary covered the entire distance of 146km in great condition, in a time of 20 h 47m 46 s,  a fantastic achievement, congrats Gary and Crew. The route is now an official FKT !

Meanwhile in Scotland, Steo Butler took on the Ben Nevis challenge, running from foot to summit and back (1345m assent) in 5h 24m 39s. Fab. stuff.

In Kerry, Alastair Higgins not only took on the 100km Kerry Ultra, and not only won it, but also set a new course record of 8h 23m 45 s. to put it in context, second place was 11.33.37 !!

Saturday brought parkrun and the start of Energia 24 hour !

St Annes :  Kevin Greene  25.33

Fr. Collins:  Gregory O'Beirne 24.35

Marley:  Anthony Sheridan 19.45  Richard Deeny 19.58

Corkagh: Mark Conlon 21.19

Strokestown:  Colin Doolan 24.22  Niamh ODaly 27.56

Ann Marie ODaly was the sole DBRC competitor at the 24hour this year.   Ann Marie racked up a total of

74 km, congrats and well done! 

Sunday brought us to Waterford for the Marathon and Cork for the Iron Man event.

Waterford Marathon:

George Brady 3.18.52  (26th)  Louise Heraghty  3.49.20 (PB 8th lady/ 7th in cat)

Katherine Marsh (Half)  1.46.09  (12th in cat)

The Iron Man event was spolied by terrible weather with the swim being cancelled, and the competitors faced a daunting marathon and bike ride in rain and wind.  Anyone taking this on deserved respect with a 32% dnf rate ! 

Mike Gonda 10.58.59   Rolando Espina  11.36.36  John OMahony  12.59.18  Ger Redmond dnf

Congrats and well done to all.  Keep up the training, keep up being awesome, and keep up wearing BLUE ! 

Photo credits: Thanks to all ! :) 

And keep us posted about what you do ! pm/post/email !